Thanksgiving Prayer for Kids

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Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to teach our little ones about the importance of gratitude. Whether that is through a special prayer, reading some kid friendly Thanksgiving quotes or celebrating the season as a family.

We all want this season to be memorable, but it can be challenging at times, when trying to instill gratitude values in your children while keeping things fun and engaging.

Girl sitting at table praying

The wonderful feeling that is created when we gather around the table, close our eyes, and let our kids offer heartfelt Thanksgiving prayers is magical. It’s a moment when they express thanks for the simple joys and wonderful moments of the day.

Here are some creative, kid-friendly Thanksgiving ideas and prayers that have made this holiday even more special for us.

Children’s Rhyming Prayer of Thanks

This rhyming prayer is a top pick in our house, with its catchy words and playful tone that our kids love.

It adds a fun and special touch to our family’s Thanksgiving traditions, making gratitude something to have fun and smile about.

Family sitting at Thanksgiving table praying

“Dear God,

Thank you for this special day,

For the love and joy that comes our way.

Thank you for the sunshine and the rain,

For the colors of the leaves and the fields of grain.

For all the blessings, big and small,

We thank you, God, for them all.

Help us to be kind and share,

And show others that we care.

On this Thanksgiving, we express our love,

To you, dear God, and to those above.


Kids Thankful Ideas Ideas

If you are needing some help creating your own Thanksgiving prayer, here are some ideas to get you started.

The Thankful Alphabet

Let’s kick things off with a creative prayer that will have your kids eager to participate. Have your child go through the alphabet and find something they are thankful for that starts with each letter.

It could be as simple as “A is for apples, thank you for the delicious apple pie,” or “B is for my best friend, thank you for making me laugh.”

The Thankful Tree

Create a “Thankful Tree” by drawing a tree trunk and some bare branches on a piece of paper. Then, cut out colorful leaves. Have your kids write down things they are thankful for on each leaf and attach them to the tree.

During your Thanksgiving prayer, you can read aloud the leaves, turning gratitude into a visual and interactive experience.

Thanksgiving Fingerprint art

The Foodie Prayer

Since Thanksgiving is all about the scrumptious feast, why not have your little one give thanks in a fun food-themed way?

Gather around the table and encourage your child to give thanks for each dish. “Thank you for the turkey, the mashed potatoes, and the sweet cranberry sauce. Thank you for the pies that look so delicious!”

The Gratitude Chain

Start a gratitude chain by cutting strips of colored paper and having your kids write down things they are thankful for on each strip. Link the strips together to create a chain.

During the prayer, have your child hold the chain and read out the thanksgivings, one by one.

The Family and Friends Prayer

Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate the people in our lives. Have your child say a special prayer for family and friends.

“Dear God, thank you for Mom and Dad, for my little brother/sister, and for all my friends. Bless them with love and happiness.”

The Nature’s Wonders

Take a moment to admire the beauty of nature and the world around us. Encourage your child to give thanks for the wonders of nature.

“Thank you, God, for the colorful leaves, the blue sky, and the crisp autumn air. Your creation is amazing!”

Thanks for Today

Teach your kids the importance of appreciating the present moment.

“Thank you for today, for the laughter, the love, and the delicious food. We are so grateful for all the joy in our lives.”

Short Thankful Prayers for Kids

Sometimes you just need a quick and thoughtful prayer and these short, simple ideas are perfect.

Feel free to use these simple prayers as is, or adapt them to fit your family’s values and traditions.

Blessings written on table card

Thank You, God, for the Food We Eat

“Dear God, thank you for the yummy food on our table. Bless the hands that prepared it and help us remember to share with those in need. Amen.”

Bless Our Family and Friends

“God, we’re grateful for our family and friends who are with us today. Thank you for the love and laughter we share. Amen.”

Thanksgiving for Nature’s Beauty

“God, thank you for the colorful leaves, the blue sky, and the crisp air. Your world is amazing, and we are grateful for it. Amen.”

A Prayer of Thanks for Today

“Dear God, we are thankful for today, for the joy, the love, and the special moments we’ve had. Thank you for this wonderful day. Amen.”

Bless Our Home

“God, thank you for our cozy home that keeps us warm and safe. Bless our family and this place where we live. Amen.”

Gratitude for Play and Fun

“Dear God, we are thankful for the games we play and the fun we have. Thank you for the joy in our hearts. Amen.”

A Simple Thank You Prayer

“God, thank you for all the good things in our lives. We appreciate your love and blessings. Amen.”

Blessing for the Helpers

“Dear God, thank you for the doctors, teachers, and all the people who help us. We are grateful for their kindness. Amen.”

Thanksgiving for Our Senses

“God, thank you for our eyes that see, our ears that hear, and our hearts that feel. We’re thankful for all our senses. Amen.”

A Prayer of Love

“Dear God, we are grateful for the love we have in our hearts and for the love you give us. Thank you for making our hearts feel warm. Amen.”

Remember to keep these prayers light-hearted and child-friendly, adapting them to suit your family’s values and traditions.

Family sitting at thanksgiving table praying

These fun Thanksgiving prayers have made our family celebrations even more special. They help us remember to be thankful for the good things, big and small, and they add a touch of happiness to our holiday.

I am so grateful for the joy these prayers bring to our home, and I hope they do the same for yours. Here’s to a Thanksgiving full of smiles, love, and gratitude for you and your little ones!

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