Tea Party Themes

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Hosting a tea party is a fun way to celebrate in a relaxing and enjoyable way. Whether it’s a birthday, bridal shower, or just a gathering with friends, choosing the right themes can add a special touch to your event and a tea party theme is perfect to many occasions.

Tea Party table setting

Tea Party Ideas

Here are some perfectly simple tea party themes that will make your get-together more memorable.

Flower Tea Party

Flowers add a touch of elegance to your tea party. Use pastel-colored tablecloths, floral tea cups, and fresh blooms as centerpieces. You can also supply flower crowns for your party guests to wear.

Vintage Tea Party

Transport your guests to a back in time by incorporating vintage elements to your tea party. Opt for lace tablecloths, blue and white antique teacups, and delicate doilies. Guests can dress in their favorite vintage-inspired clothing for an added touch of elegance.

Book Lovers’ Tea Party

Combine the joy of reading with the sipping of tea by hosting a book-themed tea party. Choose a favorite book as the focal point, and use its theme for decorations. Ask guests to bring their favorite books to share and you can all discuss the books over tea and treats.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Have fun with an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party. This Mad Hatter’s Tea Party can be decorated with playing cards, mismatched teacups, bold and mismatched colors and quirky decorations.

Alice in wonderland decorated cupcakes

Garden Tea Party

Head outside to host a garden tea party. Set up tables and chairs in a garden or backyard, surrounded by greenery. Use potted plants and fairy lights for a magical ambiance. Don’t forget to offer sun hats and umbrellas for a touch of charm.

High Tea Party for Adults

Host a sophisticated high tea for a special celebration. Serve tiered trays with a selection of savory and sweet treats, and choose a variety of premium teas. Use fancy tableware and encourage your guests to dress in semi-formal attire for a touch of class.

High Tea

Children’s Tea Party

Create a magical and enchanting experience for the little ones with a children’s tea party. Use bright and playful decorations, miniature teacups, and fairy-tale themed decorations. Consider adding storybook characters or organizing simple crafts to keep the kids entertained.

Kids tea party

Tea Tasting Party

Explore the world of teas with a tasting party. Set up a tea bar with a variety of loose leaf teas, tea accessories, and flavor-enhancing additions like honey and lemon. Provide tasting cards so guests can note their favorites and learn more about different tea varieties.

What to Serve at a Tea Party

When planning the menu for a tea party, aim for a mix of sweet and savory treats that pair well with tea. Here’s a list of classic options you can consider:

Savory Selections

  1. Finger Sandwiches:
    • Cucumber and cream cheese
    • Smoked salmon with dill
    • Egg salad
    • Chicken or turkey with cranberry sauce
  2. Quiches and Tartlets:
    • Mini quiches with various fillings (spinach, mushroom, or bacon)
    • Tomato and goat cheese tartlets
  3. Scones:
    • Classic plain scones
    • Scones with raisins or currants
    • Serve with clotted cream and strawberry jam
  4. Tea Sandwiches:
    • Pimento cheese
    • Watercress and butter
    • Ham and mustard
tea party sandwiches

Sweet Delights

  1. Pastries:
    • Mini éclairs
    • Fruit tarts
    • Napoleons
  2. Cakes:
    • Victoria sponge cake
    • Lemon drizzle cake
    • Carrot cake squares
  3. Cookies and Biscuits:
    • Shortbread cookies
    • Macarons
    • Linzer cookies
  4. Petit Fours:
    • Miniature layered cakes
    • Fondant-covered treats
    • Petit four squares with various fillings
  5. Fruit:
    • Fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)
    • Fruit skewers or fruit salad
    • Chocolate-dipped strawberries

Tea Pairings

  1. Classic Teas:
    • Black tea (Earl Grey, English Breakfast)
    • Green tea
    • Darjeeling
  2. Herbal Teas:
    • Chamomile
    • Peppermint
    • Berry blends
  3. Iced Teas:
    • Offer a refreshing iced tea option, especially if hosting the party in warm weather

Other Beverages

  1. Lemonade or Punch:
    • Provide a non-tea option for those who may prefer a different beverage
  2. Sparkling Water:
    • A light and refreshing choice to balance the sweetness of the treats

Remember to consider dietary preferences and restrictions of your guests, and you can always add a personal touch by incorporating family recipes or favorite treats. With this mix of savory and sweet options, your tea party is sure to be a hit!

Tea Party Essentials

When planning your tea party, here are some of the essential items you will need. Feel free to add to these to suit the theme you have chosen.

Transform your tea party into a delightful experience with these essential elements that add elegance and charm to every detail:

  1. Cake Stand and 3-Tier Stand:
    • Elevate your sweet treats and finger foods with a stylish cake stand. For added flair, consider a 3-tier stand to showcase a variety of tasty treats.
  2. Teapot, Tea Cups, Saucers, and Tea Spoons:
    • You will need a cute classic teapot, charming tea cups, matching saucers, and dainty tea spoons.
  3. Decorations:
    • Choose decorations that match your theme. Consider flowers, balloons, and other items to add to your tea party setting.
  4. Tablecloth and Napkins:
    • Transform your tea party setting with a lovely tablecloth that matches your theme.
  5. Finger Foods:
    • Treat your guests to a selection of finger foods. From dainty finger sandwiches to bite-sized pastries and savory treats.
Tea cups and saucer

Tea parties are great for any occasion and suitable for any age. Just choose a theme you like, some tasty tea and you are ready for a good time with your family and friends.

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