State Trivia Questions

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Are you ready for an exciting adventure across the United States? Learning can be super fun, when you make it into a game. So how do you do this? With Trivia games!

They’re like treasure hunts for knowledge, and they’re perfect for kids. You can make this into a little competition and give prizes for the most correct answers, because there is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition!

Playing a fun family game makes learning about states feel like a fun adventure, and who doesn’t love an adventure? So, grab your thinking caps and let’s step into the world of state trivia fun!

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US State Trivia

Let’s get started with some interesting state trivia questions and see how well you know this great nation!

1. What is the largest state in the U.S. by land area?

  • Answer: Alaska

2. Which state is known as the “Sunshine State”?

  • Answer: Florida

3. In which state will you find the Grand Canyon?

  • Answer: Arizona

4. What is the nickname of the state of Hawaii?

  • Answer: The Aloha State

5. Which state is home to Yellowstone National Park, the first national park in the world?

  • Answer: Wyoming

6. The famous musical “Oklahoma!” is named after which U.S. state?

  • Answer: Oklahoma

7. Which state is known for its delicious lobster and rocky coastline?

  • Answer: Maine
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8. In which state can you visit Mount Rushmore, featuring the carved faces of four U.S. presidents?

  • Answer: South Dakota

9. What is the nickname of California, known for its film industry and beaches?

  • Answer: The Golden State

10. Which state is known for its potato production and celebrates a famous potato festival each year?

  • Answer: Idaho

11. In which state is the U.S. Naval Academy located?

  • Answer: Maryland

12. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park straddles the border between two states. Can you name them?

  • Answer: North Carolina and Tennessee

13. What state is famous for its vibrant Mardi Gras celebrations in cities like New Orleans?

  • Answer: Louisiana

14. Which state is home to the world’s largest living tree, General Sherman, located in Sequoia National Park?

  • Answer: California

15. In which state is the Gateway Arch, a symbol of westward expansion, located?

  • Answer: Missouri

State Nickname Trivia

You can also see if you can match each state with it’s nickname in this fun State Nickname Trivia game. For example the nickname for California is ‘The Golden State’

State Nickname Game

More State Trivia Questions

16. Which state is known as the “Land of Enchantment” and features the famous city of Santa Fe?

  • Answer: New Mexico

17. The tallest peak in the United States, Denali, can be found in which state?

  • Answer: Alaska

18. Which state, often called “The Last Frontier,” is known for its stunning glaciers and wildlife?

  • Answer: Alaska

19. In which state would you visit the famous Alamo in the city of San Antonio?

  • Answer: Texas

20. This state, with a vibrant French heritage, is home to the city of New Orleans. Which state is it?

  • Answer: Louisiana

21. Which state, known as the “Beehive State,” is famous for its stunning national parks like Arches and Zion?

  • Answer: Utah

22. The beautiful Black Hills and Badlands are major attractions in this state. Can you name it?

  • Answer: South Dakota
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23. In which state will you find the Great Salt Lake, a giant inland sea?

  • Answer: Utah

24. The state capital of Kentucky is known for its horse racing culture. What is it called?

  • Answer: Louisville

25. Which state is famous for its delicious Tex-Mex cuisine and the city of Austin, known for its live music scene?

  • Answer: Texas

26. This state, often referred to as “The Silver State,” is famous for Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam.

  • Answer: Nevada

27. The state of Vermont is famous for its production of this sweet, gooey treat. What is it?

  • Answer: Maple syrup

28. Which state, nicknamed “The Land of Lincoln,” is home to the city of Chicago and its deep-dish pizza?

  • Answer: Illinois

29. The state of Oregon is known for its stunning coastline, but it’s also famous for what delicious berry?

  • Answer: Marionberry

30. In which state will you find the famous Gettysburg National Battlefield, a key location in the American Civil War?

  • Answer: Pennsylvania

Whether you aced this state trivia quiz or learned something new about the diverse states of the USA, we hope you enjoyed testing your knowledge.

So, next time you’re planning a road trip or just want to impress your friends with your state trivia prowess, remember these fun facts about the 50 states!

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