Spring This or That

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With spring just around the corner, it’s time to shake off the winter chill and dive into some fun! And what better way to welcome the season of blooms and breezes than with a playful game of “This or That: Spring Edition”?

Whether you’re chilling in the park, enjoying a sunny afternoon picnic, or just hanging out with your friends, these questions are guaranteed to add a sprinkle of fun and a dash of dilemma to your day.

Spring This or That Questions

Picnic in the Park or Spring Festival? Would you rather spend a lazy afternoon having a picnic in the park, surrounded by blossoms and a gentle breeze, or get lost in the hustle and bustle of a vibrant spring festival, with all the music, food, and fun it has to offer?

Cherry Blossoms or Tulip Fields? Imagine you’re on a magical spring adventure. Would you rather wander through a dreamy tunnel of pink cherry blossoms or explore an endless tulip field? Both are Instagram-worthy, but you gotta choose!

cherry blossoms and tulips

Spring Cleaning or Spring Shopping? Okay, be honest, would you rather channel your inner Marie Kondo and get your home sparkling clean with a thorough spring cleaning, or would you prefer to refresh your wardrobe with some spring shopping? Tough choice, I know!

Plant a Garden or Paint a Landscape? Are you feeling the green thumb vibes or the artistic flair this spring? Would you rather spend your days planting a beautiful garden full of flowers and veggies, or would you grab your paintbrushes and canvas to capture the beauty of spring in your own masterpiece?

Rainy Day Reading or Sunny Day Hiking? What’s your ideal spring day? Cozying up with a good book and the soothing sound of rain against the window, or seizing the sunny day with a hike through nature, taking in all the fresh air and scenic views?

Butterfly Watching or Bird Listening? Both are quintessential spring experiences, but if you had to choose, would you rather spend your time marveling at the butterflies flitting from flower to flower, or would you rather listen to the birds singing in the trees?

Bike Ride or Roller Skating? Get those muscles moving! Would you rather enjoy the thrill of a breezy bike ride or feel the retro vibe with a fun roller skating session in the park?

Homemade Lemonade or Iced Tea? After all that spring fun, you’ll need to quench your thirst. So, what’ll it be? A glass of tangy homemade lemonade or a refreshing iced tea? Both are perfect spring sippers!

Outdoor Yoga or Meditation? Spring is all about renewal and rejuvenation. Would you rather find your zen with some outdoor yoga amidst nature, or prefer the tranquility of meditation in a serene spring setting?

Spring Would you Rather Questions

Spring would you rather questions
  • Would you rather wear flip-flops or rain boots?
  • Would you rather have a picnic under a cherry blossom tree or by a stream?
  • Would you rather go on a butterfly hunt or an Easter Egg hunt?
  • Would you rather eat a strawberry shortcake or a lemon meringue pie?
  • Would you rather start your day with a sunrise hike or end it with a sunset stroll?
  • Would you rather plant flowers or vegetables in your spring garden?
  • Would you rather dance in the rain or sunbathe in the park?
  • Would you rather fly a kite or blow bubbles?
  • Would you rather sip on iced coffee or a smoothie?
  • Would you rather take photos sketch something?
  • Would you rather wear a floral dress or a pastel shirt for a spring day out?
  • Would you rather have an outdoor movie night or a bonfire with friends?
  • Would you rather find the biggest Easter egg ever or the most colorful rainbow?
  • Would you rather be able to talk to bunnies or butterflies?
  • Would you rather jump in the biggest puddle you can find or have the biggest bubble wand?
  • Would you rather plant a magic seed that grows candy or flowers that change colors?
  • Would you rather have a picnic or a tea party?
  • Would you rather go on a Easter treasure hunt in your backyard or an Easter scavenger hunt in the park?
  • Would you rather wear a flower crown or a superhero cape on a spring day?
  • Would you rather have wings like a butterfly or jump like a frog?
  • Would you rather make a necklace out of flowers or a fort out of branches?
  • Would you rather eat ice cream that never melts or a cookie that refills itself?
  • Would you rather spend a day as a bee or as a bird?

Funny Spring This or That Questions

Bring on the laughter with some funny This or That questions for spring!

Lady smiling surrounded by spring flowers
  • Sneeze every time you see a flower or dance every time you see a bee?
  • Wear rain boots on a sunny day or sunglasses in the rain?
  • Have a picnic with a family of squirrels or a tea party with a group of ducks?
  • Grow bunny ears during spring or sprout butterfly wings?
  • Talk in bird tweets all day or hop like a frog wherever you go?
  • Wear a flower pot as a hat or grass as socks?
  • Be chased by a giant butterfly or chase a hundred tiny bunnies?
  • Sing with the birds at dawn or howl with the wolves at dusk?
  • Have flowers grow out of your ears or have your hair turn into leaves?
  • Only be able to move by doing the bunny hop or by cartwheeling?
  • Eat only jellybeans for breakfast or have to paint an egg every morning?
  • Bathe in a tub of mud or take a shower under a waterfall of iced tea?
  • Plant a mystery seed that could grow into anything or find a hidden treasure in your backyard?
  • Find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or catch a leprechaun planning a prank?
  • Wear a necklace made of flowers or a hat made of fruit?
  • Have a tree that grows marshmallows or a tree that blooms popcorn?
  • Have a pet cloud that rains candy or a pet rock that glows in the dark?
  • Discover a secret fairy village or find a hidden pirate’s cave filled with treasures?
  • Wear clothes that change color with the weather or shoes that make animal sounds with each step?
  • Spend a day as a butterfly but you’re afraid of birds or as a bird but you’re afraid of heights?
  • Use a sunflower as an umbrella or a giant leaf as a raft?

Easter Would you Rather Questions

Easter is all about fun, colors, and of course, a little bit of chocolate. Here are some short and sweet “Would You Rather” questions to add some extra hops of joy to your Easter celebrations:

family wearing easter bunny ears
  1. Would you rather find an Easter egg filled with your favorite candy or $5?
  2. Would you rather wear bunny ears all day or paint your nose pink like a bunny?
  3. Would you rather have an Easter egg hunt indoors or in a big garden?
  4. Would you rather paint eggs or decorate Easter cookies?
  5. Would you rather hop like a bunny everywhere you go or have to speak in chick peeps all day?
  6. Would you rather wear a big fluffy bunny tail for a day or have to carry around a basket of eggs without dropping any?
  7. Would you rather only eat chocolate bunnies or jelly beans for a day?
  8. Would you rather have a pet bunny or a pet chick for the day?
  9. Would you rather participate in the world’s largest Easter egg hunt or win a prize for the best Easter egg design?
  10. Would you rather have an Easter breakfast with pancakes shaped like bunnies or eggs?
  11. Would you rather help the Easter Bunny hide eggs or help him make the eggs?
  12. Would you rather wear shoes that look like duck feet or gloves that look like bunny paws on Easter?
  13. Would you rather be able to dye eggs with just a touch or make any food you want appear by saying ‘Easter magic’?
  14. Would you rather go on an Easter parade or watch an Easter movie marathon?
  15. Would you rather have a giant Easter egg or a small egg that never runs out of candy?
  16. Would you rather wear a costume of the Easter Bunny for a day or dress up as a giant Easter egg?
  17. Would you rather go on an Easter egg hunt in a castle or on a pirate ship?
  18. Would you rather have a magic Easter basket that refills with your favorite snacks or a magic garden where Easter eggs grow on trees?
  19. Would you rather be able to jump as high as the Easter Bunny for a day or be able to make chocolate treats appear out of thin air?
  20. Would you rather spend a day crafting Easter crafts or baking Easter treats?
  21. Would you rather have a bouquet of flowers that never wilt or a chocolate Easter bunny that never melts?
  22. Would you rather wake up to find your yard filled with colorful Easter eggs or a trail of jelly beans leading to a giant Easter basket?
  23. Would you rather have Easter eggs that glow in the dark for a nighttime egg hunt or eggs that change color in the sunlight?
  24. Would you rather wear a hat decorated with Easter eggs and flowers for a day or shoes that leave paw prints like the Easter Bunny?

Easter This or That Questions

Let’s keep the Easter fun rolling with some sweet and colorful “This or That” Easter-themed questions. Perfect for sparking some festive debates and preferences!

Easter would you rather question
  1. Chocolate Eggs or Jellybeans?
  2. Pastel Colors or Bright Colors?
  3. Easter Bunny or Easter Chick?
  4. Egg Hunt in the Garden or Egg Hunt in the Park?
  5. Hot Cross Buns or Easter Cupcakes?
  6. Easter Parade or Easter Craft Making?
  7. Dyeing Eggs or Decorating Easter Baskets?
  8. Easter Bonnet or Bunny Ears?
  9. Marshmallow Peeps or Chocolate Bunnies?
  10. Easter Morning Surprise or Evening Easter Feast?
  11. Carrot Cake or Lemon Tart?
  12. Bunny-shaped Pancakes or Egg-shaped Cookies?
  13. Floral Dress or Bunny Print T-shirt?
  14. Easter Game or Pin the Tail on the Bunny?
  15. Easter Story Book or Easter Movie?
  16. Easter Scavenger Hunt or Traditional Egg Hunt?
  17. Easter Lily or Tulips?
  18. Spring Picnic or Easter Brunch?
  19. Easter Themed Puzzle or Easter Themed Board Game?
  20. Easter Cookies Decorating or Easter Cake Baking?
  21. DIY Easter Basket or Pre-made Easter Basket?
  22. Easter Egg Balloon Race or Easter Egg Spoon Race?
  23. Easter Egg Piñata or Easter Egg Relay Race?
  24. Easter Photo Booth with Props or Easter Costume Parade?

These questions are perfect for getting everyone in the Easter spirit, whether you’re chatting around the dinner table, enjoying an Easter gathering, or just looking for some festive fun. So, pick your favorites and let the Easter debates begin!

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