May Party Themes

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May brings with it warm weather, blooming flowers, and the perfect excuse to throw some awesome parties. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a graduation, or just the joy of Spring, these May party themes will make celebrating a breeze.

Here are some simple yet exciting party themes that’ll make your gatherings extra special!

Party Themes for the Month of May

These May party themes are great May Birthday Party Ideas or an ideal excuse for a party this month!

Spring Garden Party

May is all about flowers and fresh air, making it the ideal time for a Spring Garden Party. Decorate with colorful flowers, set up cozy seating areas, and don’t forget to include some outdoor games like cornhole or frisbee. Encourage your guests to wear their favorite floral prints for an extra touch of garden chic.

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Mexican Fiesta decorations

Spice up your May celebrations with a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta! Think bright colors, festive decorations, and a menu filled with tasty Mexican treats. Tacos, guacamole, and margaritas are a must. Set the mood with lively music, and maybe even organize a piñata for some extra fun. It’s a theme that guarantees a fiesta to remember.

Cocktail Party

With National Beverage Day on May 6 and World Cocktail Day on May 13, there is no better month than May to host a fabulous cocktail party.

Shake things up with a mix of refreshing beverages and creative concoctions. Set the scene with stylish decorations, perhaps with a touch of glamour or a tropical twist, depending on your cocktail theme.


Create a designated mixing station where everyone can craft their signature drinks, and don’t forget to include some tasty appetizers to complement the sips.

Tea Party

International Tea Day is on May 21 and that’s the perfect reason to throw a cozy tea party. Get your cups, teapots, and favorite teas ready for a May party.

Arrange some yummy sandwiches, scones, and sweets for everyone to enjoy and try out different kinds of tea from all around the world.

Whether you choose a regular tea or something unique, International Tea Day is all about sipping tea and having a good time.

Mother’s Day Party

Of course, it would not be May without celebrating Mother’s Day! Throw a heartwarming Mother’s Day party to show the special Moms in your life how much they’re loved and appreciated.

Girls giving Mom card and flowers for mothers day

Decorate with flowers, pictures, and maybe even a ‘Mom’s Day’ banner. Plan activities that moms love, whether it’s a DIY pampering station, a photo booth, or simply a cozy afternoon tea. And let’s not forget the treats – a delicious cake or her favorite desserts.

Slumber Party

National Slumber Party Day on May 9th is the ultimate excuse to throw on those cozy pajamas, grab your favorite snacks, and have an epic night of giggles and good times with your besties.

Transform your living room into the coziest sleepover spot with blankets, pillows, and fairy lights. Plan some classic slumber party activities like the whisper challenge game, watch movies, or even a DIY face mask station for some pampering.

Don’t forget the essential sleepover snacks – popcorn, candy, and maybe even some midnight pizza delivery!

Tropical Party

Dreaming of a tropical escape? Bring the island vibes to your backyard with a Luau Tropical Party.

Celebrate National Lei Day on May 1st by giving out beautiful flower leis to everyone as they arrive at your party. Decorate the area with tiki torches, and vibrant colors.

Tropical Lei

Serve fruity drinks, tropical snacks, and don’t forget the Hawaiian music. Encourage guests to wear their best Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts for a laid-back, beachy atmosphere.

BBQ Party

Nothing beats a laid-back BBQ party with friends to celebrate National BBQ Month in May. Fire up the grill, throw on some sizzling favorites, and let the smoky aroma fill the air.

Set out some casual decorations, maybe some checkered tablecloths, and string lights for a cozy vibe. Keep it simple with classic BBQ fare like burgers and corn on the cob. And don’t forget this is also National Hamburger month so make those burgers the center of attention!

BBQ grill food

Also include some vegetarian options on the BBQ such as vegetable kebabs so you can also celebrate this month being National No Meat May.

Ask everyone to bring their favorite side dishes or desserts for a potluck-style feast. With good food, great company, and the unmistakable taste of the coming summer, a May BBQ is the perfect way to kick back, relax, and enjoy the flavors of this special month.

Cupcake Decorating Party

World Baking Day on May 19th is a fantastic reason to whip out those mixing bowls and turn your kitchen into a delicious haven! Gather your friends and family for a baking extravaganza filled with sweet treat.

Set up a baking station with all the ingredients, and don’t forget the aprons and chef hats for some added fun.

Movie Night Under the Stars

Take advantage of the warmer evenings with a Movie Night Under the Stars. Set up a cozy outdoor movie area with blankets and cushions. You can decorate in the night colors of blue and silver and choose some favorite films or go with a theme like classic movies or kids movies.

Don’t forget the popcorn and snacks – it’s a simple yet fun way to enjoy the May nights with friends and family.

Friends watching a backyard Outdoor Movie

May is a fantastic month for celebrations, and these simple party themes are sure to bring fun to your events.

Whether you’re soaking up the Spring vibes with a garden tea party, feeling tropical at your luau, or enjoying movies under the stars, May has something for everyone. So, grab your party hats, plan those decorations, and let the May festivities begin!

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