March Party Themes

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As Winter gets less chilly and Spring brings warmer days, March is all about new beginnings and having a good time. So, why not celebrate with these fun party themes inspired by these special days in March?

March is an awesome month for parties because as the weather starts getting warmer, everyone is ready to shake off the winter blues. Plus, there are so many special days in March to celebrate

So, let the good times roll and March into fun party vibes!I Here are some cool party themes that will making your get-togethers this month super fun and unforgettable!

March Theme Party Ideas

White Wonderland Party (March 14 – White Day)

March 14th is celebrated as White Day, a day dedicated to love and romance in many places. To honor this occasion, consider hosting a White Wonderland Party.

Deck out your venue with white decorations, from balloons to tablecloths. Ask guests to dress in all white, creating a dreamy wonderland atmosphere.

To add a touch of sweetness, incorporate white-themed desserts such as white chocolate-covered strawberries or vanilla cupcakes.

Gardening Gala (March 12 – National Plant a Flower Day):

March 12th is National Plant a Flower Day, a perfect excuse to get your hands dirty and celebrate nature. Invite friends and family to a Gardening Gala Party.

Decorated Flower Pot

Provide pots, soil, and a variety of flower seedlings for guests to plant and take home. Share some gardening jokes and set up crafting stations where everyone can decorate their pots, adding a personal touch to their flowers.

Retro Movie Night (March 24 – National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day):

March 24th is dedicated to the sweet combination of chocolate and raisins. Instead of a traditional movie night, why not put a spin on it and make it retro?

Choose classic films or favorites from the past, and create a nostalgic atmosphere with vintage decorations and snacks. Guests can come dressed in retro attire, and set up a DIY chocolate-covered treat station, including not only raisins but also a variety of other tasty treats.

St Patricks Day Party (March 17 ):

No list of March party themes would be complete without a nod to St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. Go beyond the typical green décor and embrace all that is Irish with an Irish Extravaganza.

Printable St Patricks Day Games

Play some fun St Patricks Day games, decorate with Celtic motifs, set up a photo booth with props like leprechaun hats and shamrocks, and serve traditional Irish cuisine and beverages. Encourage guests to wear green and play some lively Irish music to dance to.

Blue Party (March 4 – Dress in Blue Day):

March 4th is Dress in Blue Day, an initiative aimed at raising awareness about colon cancer. Turn this meaningful day into a fun party with a Blue Party.

Blue Party Decorations

Ask everyone to dress in various shades of blue. Decorate your party space with blue accents, from tablecloths to centerpieces. Incorporate blue-themed food and drinks to complete the color scheme.

Brainy Bash (March 14 – International Ask a Question Day):

March 14th is International Ask a Question Day and what better way to celebrate this than hosting a trivia night.

Create some question cards, add some buzzers, and put up some themed decorations. You can organize different rounds of trivia, covering a variety of topics such as;

Kids Craft Party (March 14 – National Children’s Craft Day):

March 14th is not only White Day but also National Children’s Craft Day, making it an ideal time to have a kids craft party.

craft party

Set up crafting stations with a variety of art supplies and materials, allowing children (and the young at heart) to unleash their creativity. From painting to DIY projects, provide options for different skill levels.

Movie Magic and Popcorn Sleepover Party (March 10 – Popcorn Lovers Day):

March 10th is a day dedicated to one of the world’s favorite snacks—popcorn! Transform your space into a cozy movie spot. Set up a screening area with a selection of movies, and provide various popcorn flavors and toppings for guests to enjoy.

Encourage party guests to come in their favorite pajamas for the ultimate movie night sleepover experience.

Basketball Party

March Madness is like the grand slam of college basketball excitement! It’s when teams from all over the country go head-to-head in a wild basketball tournament so why not celebrate with your own Basketball Party.

Your friends and family can get together, fill out brackets predicting the winners, and cheer for their favorite teams. The energy is through the roof, and even if you’re not a basketball pro,

Provide some tasty snacks to much on and organize some fun basketball party games.

Glitz and Glamor Party (March 31 – National Prom Day):

Celebrate the fun and excitement of National Prom Day on March 31st with a Glitz and Glamour Party.

Friends dressed for Prom

Guests can dust off their formal attire and put on those beautiful dresses and fancy suits. Create a dazzling scene with twinkling fairy lights, starry backdrops, and glitzy decorations.

Play classic prom tunes or you could hire a DJ to keep the dance floor lively. Capture the memories with a photo booth complete with props and backdrops, ensuring everyone leaves with snapshots of a night to remember.

Mermaid Party (March 29 – International Mermaid Day):

Dive into the world of mythical creatures on March 29th with International Mermaid Day. Host a fun mermaid party which is the perfect theme for all ages.

Mermaid Party Cake

Decorate with blue, pink, purple and silver decorations, add seashells, and shimmering fabrics to create an underwater scene. Ask everyone to wear a mermaid-themed costume or accessories and play some fun games like a mermaid treasure hunt.

Wear a Hat Party (March 21 – National Wear a Hat Day):

March 21st is National Wear a Hat Day, an opportunity to show off your favorite hat.

Set up a hat-decorating station and have a range of hats and headpieces for guests to choose from. They can decorate them, adding their own personal touch and then how about hosting a hat parade to show off their creations.

Purple Party (March 26 – Purple Day):

March 26th is Purple Day, a global initiative to raise awareness about epilepsy. Turn this meaningful day into a Purple Party by creating an event that celebrates the color purple.

pink and purple party decorations

Decorate with varying shades of purple, from lavender to deep violet, and ask everyone to dress in the color purple. Serve some purple food such as grapes, purple cotton candy, purple candy and liliac colored cupcakes.

Science Party (March 28 – Science Appreciation Day):

March 28th is dedicated to the wonders of science with Science Appreciation Day. Host a fun science party where guests can learn something new while having fun.

You can hire someone to demonstrate some fun science experiements or make your own DIY ones such as baking soda volcanos, giant bubbles or making lava lamps

Cheerleading Party (March 1-7 – National Cheerleading Week):

March 1st to 7th is National Cheerleading Week, a perfect occasion to celebrate all things cheerleading.

Female dressed as cheerleader

Decorate with vibrant colors, streamers and pom-poms. Plan activities such as a mini cheerleading competition or have someone from a local cheer squad come over and teach everyone an easy cheer.

Have a station where party guests can get dressed up as cheerleaders as well as a place to do their makeup and provide cheer bows for their hair

Barbie and Ken Party (March 9 – Barbie Day & March 11 – Ken Day):

March 9th is Barbie Day and March 11th is Ken Day so why not combine these two celebrations into a fun Barbie and Ken Party.

Use pink and blue to decorate your party and try to theme your food in these colors as well. Ask everyone to come dressed as either Barbie or Ken. You can organize a runway fashion show, complete with a “best-dressed” award for the most stylish Barbie and Ken look-alikes.

Women dressed as barbie

So, in a nutshell, March is like a party jackpot! Winter is saying goodbye, and spring is saying hello with its happy vibes. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate, like Barbie and Ken Day and St Patrick’s Day,

Get your friends together, put on your party hats, and let March be the month of fun!

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