Letter V for Show and Tell

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Do you have a Show and Tell day coming up at school. You know, the one that sneaks up on you when you’re least expecting it? Well I remember one time we had a show and tell day all about the letter “V,” and let me tell you, my morning was nothing short of a comedy show.

So there I was, coffee in one hand, lunchboxes in the other, running my usual morning marathon. Kids and I were ready, and we were about to head out the door when my youngest, with eyes as big as saucers, goes, “Mom, it’s Show and Tell today. It’s letter V day!” Panic mode activated. I had totally forgotten!

With zero time to spare, I did what any quick-thinking mom would do, I raided the fridge. And voilà, vegetables to the rescue! We grabbed a variety of veggies, because who doesn’t love a colorful assortment, right? There were carrots, bell peppers, and a couple of tomatoes (yes, they’re technically fruit, but let’s not split hairs). I packed them in a bag, and we rushed off to school, veggies in tow.

The kids had a blast showing off their “very vibrant vegetables” and even learned a few things about healthy eating. Phew, disaster averted! But it got me thinking, what other letter V ideas could save the day for moms and dads in a bind? So, to help you out, I have put together a fun list for you:

child holding vegetables

Show and Tell Letter V Ideas

  1. Velvet Anything – Got a piece of velvet fabric or a small velvet toy? It’s soft, it’s unique, and it starts with V. Plus, it’s a great sensory item for kids.
  2. Volcano Model – If you have more time over the weekend, crafting a little volcano can be a super fun project. Then, for show and tell, a little baking soda and vinegar action will wow the entire class.
  3. Vacation Photos – Have any family vacation photos from a place that starts with V? Maybe a trip to Venice or Vermont? It’s a great way to share stories and learn about different places.
  4. Vanilla Pod – It’s a simple, yet fascinating item. Most kids know the flavor but have never seen the actual pod. Plus, it smells amazing!
  5. Toy Vehicles – Toy cars, vans, or even a small boat can be exciting for kids to share. It’s something most have at home and can lead to a lot of imaginative play stories.
  6. Violin Miniature or Picture – For the music lovers, a picture of a violin or a small toy version can introduce kids to different musical instruments and maybe spark an interest.
  7. Vintage Coins – Got any old coins lying around? Kids love treasures, and vintage coins can feel like holding a piece of history in their hands.
  8. Violet Crayons or Paints – For the little artists, bringing in anything violet, like crayons, markers, or paints, can be a fun way to explore colors.
  9. Vet’s Kit Toy – If your child loves animals, a toy vet’s kit can be a hit, allowing them to share their dream of helping animals.
  10. Video Game Character Toy – Got a toy of a video game character that starts with V? It could be a fun way to connect with other little gamers in class.
  11. Velociraptor Toy – Dinosaurs are a hit with kids, and a velociraptor toy can be both exciting and educational. It’s a cool way to talk about dinosaurs, their names, and what the world might have looked like when they roamed the earth.
  12. Volleyball – A small volleyball or even a picture of one can spark conversations about teamwork, sportsmanship, and staying active. It’s a great way to share interests in sports.
  13. Vase with Flowers – A small vase with a couple of flowers can brighten the room and teach kids about gardening and plant care.
  14. Viking Hat – A toy Viking hat can lead to a fascinating discussion about history, exploration, and even mythology.
  15. Van Gogh’s Artwork Reproductions – Bringing in a picture of Van Gogh’s artwork, like “Starry Night,” can introduce children to the world of art and famous artists.
  16. Vuvuzela – While this might be on the noisier side, a vuvuzela can be a unique item to share, especially to talk about its role in sports events and how it’s played.
  17. Vulture Picture or Drawing: Bring in a picture or drawing of a vulture and share some interesting facts about these fascinating birds of prey.
  18. VHS Tape: Dust off that old VHS tape from your family’s collection and bring it in to show your classmates. You will be surprised how many kids don’t know what these are!
  19. Veil: Do you have a veil from a costume or dress-up box? Bring it in and show off its beautiful design.
  20. Vegetables Basket: Put together a colorful basket of vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers.
boy holding letter v

So there you have it, a fun mix of letter V ideas for those last-minute show and tell days. Remember, it’s all about making learning fun and engaging for our little ones, even if it means turning your morning into a frantic search!

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