Letter K Show and Tell

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The joy of show and tell! It’s that magical time in school when kids get to bring a little slice of their world into the classroom. If you’re currently on the lookout for some fabulous show and tell ideas that start with the letter K (because, let’s face it, K can be a tricky one!), you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve got your back with a kaleidoscope of K-inspired show and tell suggestions that are sure to kindle the imagination of your kiddo and their classmates. So, let’s kickstart this creative show and tell journey!

Letter K

Letter K for Show and Tell


What’s bouncy, furry, and super cool? A kangaroo! Whether it’s a cuddly stuffed toy kangaroo, a book about these fascinating creatures, or even a kangaroo drawing your child is proud of, it’s bound to jump-start an interesting conversation about these unique animals from Down Under.


Kites are like magic on a string, soaring high and painting the sky with their vibrant colors. Your little one can bring a kite to school and share the fun story behind it. Did they fly it at the park? Did they make it themselves? The sky’s the limit with this idea!


Keychains are small, but they tell big stories. Maybe there’s a keychain your child treasures, one that comes from a special place or was a gift from someone dear. It’s a great way for them to share a little personal story or talk about what makes that keychain special to them.


Speaking of kaleidoscopes, why not bring one in? They’re like magic telescopes that show a dazzling world of colors and patterns. Your child can share how it works and pass it around for everyone to see the world in a spectacular new way.


Fruit time! Kiwi is not just delicious; it’s also super interesting. Your kiddo can talk about where kiwi fruit comes from, how it grows, and maybe even share some fun facts. Did you know kiwi birds are from the same place as kiwi fruit? Mind-blowing, right?



Time to bring some medieval magic into the classroom with a toy knight, a picture of a knight, or maybe even a knight’s helmet if you have one lying around (because, who doesn’t?). It’s a fantastic way to introduce a bit of history and spark imaginations about castles, dragons, and daring adventures.


Cute, cuddly, and a superstar of the animal kingdom! A plush koala, a book about koalas, or even an art project featuring this adorable creature can be a hit. It’s a great way to talk about animals, their habitats, and the importance of taking care of our planet.


Music lovers, this one’s for you! If your child plays the keyboard or piano, they could share a favorite piece or talk about how they started learning. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate music and maybe inspire a classmate to start playing too.


For the little martial artists out there, showcasing something from their karate class – like a belt, a uniform, or demonstrating a simple, safe move – could be a big hit. It’s a fun way to talk about discipline, respect, and the importance of physical activity.


Yes, ketchup! It might sound silly, but think about it – ketchup is a kitchen staple in many homes. Your child could share some fun facts about ketchup, its origins, or even different ways people around the world use ketchup in their cuisine.


Let’s make some noise with a kazoo! This fun, musical instrument is not only easy to play but can also be a blast to share with classmates. Your child can demonstrate how it works and maybe even play a simple tune. It’s a surefire way to add a little harmony (and hilarity) to the classroom.


If your family dabbles in knitting, this is a cozy idea. Your child could bring in something knitted, like a scarf or a hat, maybe even something they’ve helped to make. It’s a wonderful opportunity to discuss crafts, hobbies, and the joy of creating something with your own two hands.

Komodo Dragon

While bringing a real Komodo dragon to class might not be possible (or safe!), your child could share interesting facts, pictures, or a book about these fascinating creatures. It’s an awesome way to explore the wonders of wildlife and learn about different species from around the globe.


Corn kernels can be super fun and educational. Your kiddo could bring in some kernels and maybe compare them to popped popcorn. It’s a tasty way to discuss how some foods transform with heat and a neat science lesson wrapped up in a snack!


A piece of rope and some know-how in knot-tying can turn into an interactive show and tell. Your child can demonstrate tying different kinds of knots and explain what each type is used for. It’s hands-on learning that ties in skills from sailing, camping, and survival techniques.


Everyone has keys, but what do they open? Your child can bring in a collection of old keys and imagine the stories behind them. What mysterious door or treasure chest might they unlock? It’s a playful way to spark creativity and storytelling.

ornate keys

Kaleidoscopic Art

Encourage your child to create their own kaleidoscopic art. Using colorful patterns, mirrors, or even a computer program, they can design something unique that reflects the mesmerizing effect of a kaleidoscope. It’s a fantastic blend of art, science, and geometry.


Superheroes and their stories are always a hit. Your child can talk about kryptonite, the famous substance from the Superman comics. They could discuss its story, what it does, and maybe even bring in a “sample” (a glowing green rock or crystal) for fun. It’s a super way to engage with storytelling and comic book science.

King Cobra

Slither into the fascinating world of snakes by sharing about the king cobra. With pictures or a book, your child can educate their classmates about this majestic creature, its habitat, and why it’s important to respect and protect wildlife.


Chocolatey goodness alert! A KitKat bar is not just a treat; it’s also a fun way to talk about how chocolate is made, the history of this popular snack, and the concept of sharing (since it’s designed to be broken and shared). Plus, who doesn’t love a little sweet treat?

Karaoke Microphone

Time to turn up the tunes with a karaoke microphone! Whether it’s a real mic or a toy version, your child can talk about how microphones work, the joy of singing and music, and maybe even belt out a few lines of their favorite song. It’s a pitch-perfect way to add some melody to show and tell.


If you have a pet kitten, this could be the purr-fect show and tell feature. Your child can share photos, cute stories, fun facts about kittens, and the responsibilities of pet care.

Cute kitten

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is like magic in your hands! This mesmerizing material can be molded, stretched, and squished. It’s fantastic for explaining the science behind how it works, the importance of sensory play, and demonstrating some cool shapes and creations. Plus, it’s just so satisfying to play with.


Dive into the rich world of history and fantasy by focusing on a king. Your child can dress up as a king for the day, bring in a book about famous kings in history, or even create a story about a kind-hearted king. It’s a royal opportunity to learn about leadership, history, and the art of storytelling.

Killer Whale (Orca)

These majestic marine mammals are not just beautiful; they’re also incredibly interesting. Your child can share fascinating facts about killer whales, such as their social structure, communication, and hunting techniques. Bringing in a model, pictures, or even a stuffed toy orca can make this presentation a splash hit!

King Crab

Talking about the king crab can open up discussions about marine biology, the ecosystem, and even the culinary world (hello, delicious crab legs!). Your child can bring in pictures, share interesting facts about their habitat and how they are caught, and maybe even discuss how they are a delicacy in many parts of the world.

Knucklebones Game

Also known as jacks, this ancient game has been played around the world for centuries. Your child can bring in a set of knucklebones (or jacks) and demonstrate how to play. It’s a great way to connect with history through play and learn about games from different cultures.

I hope you have found some fun and interesting Letter K show and tell ideas. Remember, the best part about show and tell is the story and passion behind the item, so whatever your little one decides to bring, encourage them to share it with all their heart. Have fun!

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