Halloween Family Feud Questions

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The spooky season is upon us, and what better way to get the excitement into your family gathering than with a thrilling game of Halloween Family Feud?

This timeless game, inspired by the famous television show, is an excellent way to entertain everyone during the Halloween season.

To make it easy for you, we have put togther a list of spooktacular Family Feud questions and answers that will be perfect for your Halloween celebration.

Family dressed for Halloween

How to Play Halloween Family Feud?

Halloween Feud is an amazing game for the entire family. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play this fun game:


  1. Gather Your Materials:
    • Blackboard
    • Flip chart, or paper
    • Markers
    • Spooky sound effects (optional but adds to the fun)
    • Printed Halloween Feud questions and answers
  2. Divide into Teams:
    • Split your family and friends into two teams. Aim for four to six players per team, but adjust based on your group size.
  3. Select a Host:
    • Choose someone to be the game host. This person will read the questions, keep track of the score, and guide the flow of the game.

Setting Up:

  1. Create the Game Board:
    • Use the whiteboard or flip chart to set up the game board. Write the number of points each question is worth and list the questions with corresponding point values.
  2. Establish Rules:
    • Clarify the rules for each round. Typically, teams take turns answering a question, and the team that buzzes in first has the first chance to provide a correct answer. If they get the answer correct, they earn the points; if not, the other team has a chance to steal.

Playing the Game:

  1. Start with the Face-Off:
    • For each round, choose two representatives (one from each team) for a face-off. The host reads a Halloween Feud question, and the first person to buzz in or signal gets the chance to answer.
  2. Guessing the Top Answers:
    • The person who buzzed in first must quickly provide an answer that they think will be in one of the top answers to the question. If they guess the top answer, their team can decide if they wish to play that round to pass it over to the other team. If their answer is not the top answer, the representative from the other team has a chance provide an answer.
  3. Playing or Passing:
    • If the team decides to play the round, they must all take turns trying to guess the top answers to the question. If they get three strikes (incorrect guesses or passes), the other team has a chance to steal the points on offer.
  4. Stealing Points:
    • If the team who are playing, do not correctly guess all the top answers, the other team has a chance to steal their points. That team will talk amongst themselves and then give one team answer. If that answer is on the board and correct, that team will steal the points.
  5. Repeating Rounds:
    • Continue playing rounds until all Halloween Family Feud questions on the board are answered. Whichever team has the most points at the end will be the winners.

Additional Tips:

  • Keep it Spooky but Fun:
    • Remember, the goal is not to win but to have fun and enjoy playing the game. So keep it light-hearted!
  • Prizes:
    • Providing some small Halloween-themed prizes for the winning team adds an extra element of excitement and competition.
  • Customize Questions:
    • When planning your game, you can pick and choose your questions to suit your family and friends. Try to tailor the questions to fit your family’s unique Halloween traditions and experiences as this will lead to more fun and laughs.

Halloween Feud Questions, Answers and Points

Here are some fun and Spooky questions for your this game along with their points.

Name a Popular Halloween Costume:

  • Witch (30 points)
  • Vampire (24 points)
  • Ghost (18 points)
  • Zombie (12 points)
  • Superhero (10 points)
  • Pumpkin (6 points)

Name a Classic Halloween Movie:

  • “Hocus Pocus” (42 points)
  • “Nightmare Before Christmas” (25 points)
  • “Beetlejuice” (14 points)
  • “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” (11 points)
  • “Ghostbusters” (8 points)

What Creature Might You Find in a Haunted House?

  • Ghost (46 points)
  • Bat (22 points)
  • Spider (17 points)
  • Skeleton/zombie (11 points)
  • Black Cat (4 points)
Halloween Feud Questions and answers

Apart from Trick or Treating, name something else you might do for Halloween:

  • Attend a Party (38 points)
  • Decorate (26 points)
  • Dress Up (18 points)
  • Carve Pumpkins (10 points)
  • Watch a Scary Movie (8 points)

Name a popular male superhero costume

  • Spiderman (31 points)
  • Batman (27 points)
  • Iron Man (16 points)
  • Superman (15 points)
  • Captain America (9 points)
  • Hulk (2 points)

Name a creepy crawly some people are afraid of

  • Spider (33 points)
  • Snake (29 points)
  • Insects (22)
  • Scorpion (14)
  • Centipedes (2)

Name somewhere a child might think a monster is hiding

  • Under bed (42 points)
  • In closet (36 points)
  • Behind the curtains (18 points)
  • Behind the door (4 points)

Name somewhere you might hear a person scream

  • A haunted house (40 points)
  • Roller Coaster (27 points)
  • Dentist (20 points)
  • Movie Theatre (9 points)
  • Concert (4 points)
Halloween Feud Questions with answers

Name something you need to dress up as a Witch

  • Broomstick (34 points)
  • Black Hat (31 Points)
  • Cape/dress (18 points)
  • Black boots (10 points)
  • Facepaint/nose (7 points)

Name an animal associated with Halloween

  • Bat (39 points)
  • Black Cat (36 points)
  • Spider (21 points)
  • Owl (3 points)
  • Snake (1 point)

Name something vampires are afraid of

  • Sunlight (50 points)
  • Garlic (21 points)
  • Cross (15 points)
  • Wooden Stake (7 points)
  • Holy water (4 points)
  • Silver (3 points)

Name something pumpkin flavored

  • Pumpkin Pie (38 points)
  • Pumpkin Spice Coffee/drink (27 points)
  • Pumpkin Bread (19 points)
  • Pumpkin Soup (12 points)
  • Pumpkin Muffin (4 points)

Name Something that is though to bring bad luck

  • Walk under a ladder (38 points)
  • Break a Mirror (36 points)
  • Black Cat (20 points)
  • Friday 13th (4 points)
  • Step on a crack (2 points)

Name something associated with witches

  • Broomstick (29 points)
  • Hat (23 points)
  • Black Cat (22 points)
  • Spells/magic (15 points)
  • Cauldron (8 points)
  • Warts (3 points)

Name a Popular Halloween Color

  • Orange (41 points)
  • Black (32 points)
  • Green (12 points)
  • Purple (10 points)
  • Red (5 points)
Halloween Trivia question on orange background

Name a Popular Halloween Candy

  • Chocolate (44 points)
  • Snickers (25 points)
  • Reeses (19 points)
  • Candy Corn (10 points)
  • Kit Kat (2 points)

Apart from Pumpkin, what is another popular Halloween Decoration?

  • Spiders/web (36 points)
  • Ghost (32 points)
  • Skeleton (26 points)
  • Bat (6 points)

These Family Feud questions and answers are sure to bring laughter and spooky fun to your celebrations. From picking favorite costumes to naming classic movies, each round will have you guessing.

Customize the questions to match your family’s unique traditions, and get ready for a howling good time filled with tricks, treats, and loads of laughter.

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