Guess What Jokes

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There is so much fun and laughter with ‘Guess What’ jokes. You know, those simple yet silly phrases that have the power to turn the mundane moments into hilarious ones.

Why are Guess What Jokes Fun?

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The Power of Simple Words:

‘Guess what’ jokes are like the unsung heroes of humor ā€“ easy to understand, quick to deliver, and guaranteed to bring smiles. Their power lies in their simplicity; they don’t require elaborate setups or punchlines that rival stand-up comedians.

Fun for All:

One of the great aspects of ‘Guess What’ jokes is that they are ideal for everyone in the family. Whether it’s around the dinner table or during a car ride, these simple jokes are a fun way to spend time together.

Tips for Crafting the Perfect ‘Guess What’ Joke:

Now, you might be wondering, how can you harness the power of ‘Guess What’ jokes in your own home? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Keep it Simple: The beauty of these jokes lies in their simplicity. Stick to easy-to-understand phrases that invite curiosity.
  2. Embrace the Unexpected: The element of surprise is key. Let your creativity run wild.
  3. Involve the Kids: Encourage your little ones to come up with their own ‘Guess What’ jokes.

Best Guess What Jokes

Here are some funny guess what jokes. If you like these jokes and want some more fun, check out our cake jokes, gardening jokes and Friday jokes.

  • Guess what?
    • What?
    • I just got a job at a bakery because I kneaded dough!
  • Guess what?
    • What?
    • I told my computer I needed a break, and now it won’t stop sending me vacation ads!
  • Guess what?
    • What?
    • I tried to take a nap, but my dreams were too loud!
  • Guess what?
    • What?
    • I started a band called 1023 Megabytes. We haven’t got a gig yet!
  • Guess what?
    • What?
    • I told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high. She looked surprised!
  • Guess what?
    • What?
    • I tried to make a belt out of watches, but it was a waist of time!
Rocks with joke overlay
  • I decided to organize a hide-and-seek competition in our house. Guess what?
    • Good news: I’m undefeated! Bad news: I’m also the only one playing.
  • I told my kids they could each pick one vegetable to plant in the garden. Guess what?
    • Now we have a “chocolate chip cookie” plant and a “pizza slice” bush. Gardening just got a lot more interesting!
  • I tried to write a novel about elevators. Guess what?
    • It had its ups and downs.
  • I decided to become a beekeeper. Guess what?
    • It’s un-bee-lievably fun!
  • I asked my cat if he wanted to hear a joke. Guess what?
    • He told me to paws for dramatic effect!
  • I accidentally stepped on some cornflakes this morning. Guess what?
    • Now I’m officially a cereal-killer.
  • I challenged my vacuum cleaner to a race. Guess what?
    • It left me in the dust!
  • I tried to organize a space-themed party. Guess what?
    • It was out of this world!
  • I tried to take a selfie while cooking. Guess what?
    • Now I have a great snapshot of me accidentally setting off the smoke alarm!
  • I tried to catch fog yesterday. Guess what happened?
    • I missed!
  • Guess what the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet?
    • Supplies!
  • Guess what you call fake spaghetti?
    • An impasta!
  • Guess what happened to the frog’s car?
    • It got toad
  • Guess what’s orange and sounds like a parrot?
    • A carrot!
  • I opened the closet door and guess what I found?
    • Narnia business
  • Guess what I got after I won a rain dance competition?
    • Pneumonia
  • I thought I saw an orange sea and guess what?
    • It was a Fanta sea!
fish in the sea with joke overlay
  • I saw a fish wearing a crown, Guess what his name was?
    • Kingfish
  • Two walls were talking. Guess what they said
    • I’ll meet you at the corner
  • I tried to eat a clock the other day. Guess what?
    • It was very time-consuming!
  • I planted a light bulb in the garden. Guess what?
    • I’m hoping to grow a power plant!
  • I asked my computer if it could sing. Guess what?
    • It couldn’t even find the right key!
  • The banana went to the doctor and guess what happened?
    • He was not peeling well
  • Guess what the sea monster’s favorite meal is
    • Fish and ships
  • Guess what has 4 wheels and flies?
    • A garbage truck
  • Guess what Elves learn at school
    • The elfabet!
  • Guess what?
    • I told my wife she should embrace her mistakes. She gave me a hug.
  • Guess what?
    • I’ve decided to sell my vacuum. It’s just gathering dust.
  • Guess what?
    • I’m reading a book on anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down.
  • Guess what?
    • I used to be a baker because I kneaded dough.
  • Guess what?
    • I told my friend 10 jokes to make him laugh. Sadly, no pun in ten did.
  • Guess what?
    • I tried to make a pencil with two erasers. It was pointless.

Finding joy in the little things is a game-changer. ‘Guess What’ jokes might seem small, but the laughter they bring is anything but.

So sprinkle some ‘Guess What’ magic into your daily routine ā€“ you might be surprised at the fun it brings!

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