Friday Jokes

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Welcome to the happy world of Friday jokes, where laughter sets us up for an amazing weekend ahead.

We all know that Fridays are special – the gateway to two days of relaxation and enjoyment. What better way to celebrate than with a collection of light-hearted and funny jokes?

Happy Friday wording

Jokes for Friday

Let’s celebrate the best day of the week with some funny jokes

Why is Friday a happy day? Because the next day is sadder day

Why is a pilot’s favorite day of the week? Fly day

Friday had a fight with Saturday. Who won? Saturday because Friday is a weak day

What day of the week do frogs like best? Fly day

How does Friday night always know it’s the life of the party? Because everyone keeps asking, “Where have you been all week?

What is one thing that will ruin your Friday? Realizing it is only Tuesday!

Why didn’t the baker go to work on Good Friday? Because it was a holy day

What do Cows do on a Friday night? Go to the moooovies

Why didn’t the chef realize it was Friday? It crepe’d up on him

When doesn’t Friday start with an F? When it is yesterday, tomorrow or today

When does Christmas come before Good Friday and Easter? In a dictionary

What do scientists wear to work on Fridays? Their genes

Why did Han shop on Black Friday? Because the prices were solo

How can you save 100% on Black Friday? Stay at home and don’t shop

When does a Tuesday feel like a Friday? It cant!

What did the orange say to the apple? Orange you glad it is Friday

What comes after Black Friday? Broke Saturday

Why did Friday stop going to the gym? Because he was a weak day

What do you call a joke that makes you giggle on a Friday? A Good Friday Joke

A cowboy left home on Friday, was away for 3 nights and came back on Friday. How was this possible? His horse’s name was Friday

What goes faster than the Flash? Friday night

Funny Friday One Liners

When you just need a quick one liner to end your working week.

Paperclips on background
  • “Friday is my second favorite F-word. Food is my first, obviously.”
  • “I’m not saying Friday is magical, but I haven’t seen it and unicorns in the same room.”
  • “If Friday had a face, I’d give it a high-five.”
  • “Friday: the only day in the week with a built-in happy hour.”
  • “Why is Friday like a superhero? It always saves the week!”
  • “Friday is proof that the week has a sense of humor.”
  • “I’m not lazy; I’m just in energy-saving mode until Friday.”
  • “Friday is the golden ticket of the weekdays.”
  • “The only decision you need to make on a Friday is bottle or glass.”
  • “Friday: the day when the coffee is optional, and the smiles are automatic.”
  • “If Friday had a motto, it would be ‘Work hard, nap harder.'”
  • “I’ve never met a problem that wouldn’t be solved by the arrival of Friday.”

Friday the 13th Jokes, Puns and One Liners

Want to make your Friday the 13th a little less spooky? Have a laugh with these funny jokes

Friday 13th Sign
  1. What’s a ghost’s favorite game on Friday the 13th? Hide and shriek!
  2. Friday the 13th: the day I keep my fingers crossed, just in case the universe is peeking
  3. Friday the 13th – the only day I avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks, just in case the universe has a sense of humor.
  4. What is a popular dessert on Friday the 13th? Ice scream
  5. Friday the 13th – the only day I wear my lucky socks, just to mess with fate.
  6. What did the zombie say to his Friday the 13th date? “You’re drop-dead gorgeous!”
  7. How do you make a skeleton laugh on Friday the 13th? Tickle its funny bone
  8. Why did Jason Voorhees get a job as a barber? Because he’s great at giving people a “close shave”
  9. Why did Jason take his machete to the comedy club Because he wanted to kill with laughter!
  10. What’s Jason’s favorite game on Friday the 13th? Hide and Go Stab!

Friday Office Jokes

When you need a quick Friday work laugh, have a read through these funny quotes and puns to find the perfect one for your co-workers

Weekend coming text on blackboard
  1. “Friday: The superhero of the workweek, swooping in to save us from the Monday blues and midweek madness!”
  2. “Friday: Because ‘Fri-nally!’ is a valid response to almost anything at the office.”
  3. “Friday at the office: Where coffee meets determination, and we pretend to be busy until the weekend officially starts.”
  4. “Friday: The only day of the week when my coffee is just as excited to see me as I am to see it.”
  5. “When your to-do list on Friday looks more like a ‘maybe-do’ list because the weekend is within sight.”
  6. “Friday: Because adulting all week deserves a reward, and the weekend is that golden trophy.”
  7. “Friday, the unsung hero of productivity – turning ‘almost there’ into ‘we made it!’
  8. “In a world full of deadlines, be a Friday – the deadline that everyone looks forward to!”
  9. “Friday vibes at the office: When the only decision you need to make is whether to go for lunch or start the weekend early.”
  10. “Friday’s office tip: If you need a break, just look busy until the clock hits 5 PM.”
  11. “What does Friday say when the boss calls? ‘I’m in a meeting with the weekend – can I call you back on Monday?'”
  12. My boss called me in and said ‘You have been late 5 times this week. Do you know what that means? I replied, yes I do, it must be Friday!

Friday Captions

Looking to add some Friday fun to your Instagram or social media? Try one of these witty short captions, just perfect for manifesting a great weekend!

Grass with text overlay
  • “Fri-nally! Ready to unleash the weekend vibes. #HelloFriday”
  • “Turning my ‘can’ts’ into ‘cans’ and my dreams into plans—it’s Friday magic. #FridayFeeling”
  • “Friday called. She’s on her way, and she’s bringing the good times. #WeekendModeActivated”
  • “You made it to Friday, Stay strong the weekend is coming!”
  • “Friday forecast: 99% chance of smiles and good times. Let the weekend commence! #TGIF”
  • “Sippin’ on that Friday feeling. Here’s to a weekend full of joy and adventures! #FriYay”
  • “Dressed in positivity and ready for the weekend runway. #FridayFashion”
  • “Fri-nally reunited with my bed – the real MVP of the weekend. #SleepyWeekend”
  • “Friday nights are made for good friends, good food, and good vibes. Let the weekend shenanigans begin! #FridayNightLights”
  • “Stepping into the weekend like I own the place. Spoiler: I do. #WeekendBoss”
  • “If Friday had a selfie, it would look a lot like this. #WeekendReady”
  • “Friday: the golden ticket to the weekend. #FriyayFeels”
  • “Cheers to the weekend – where the only decision is red or white. #WineOClock”
  • “Friday vibes: Less work, more weekend. Let the relaxation begin! #ChillModeOn”
  • “Friday mantra: Work hard, brunch harder. #BrunchGoals”
  • “Weekend loading… Please wait. #WeekendLoading”
  • “Friday mood: Sparkle like you mean it. #ShineBrightLikeFridayNight”
  • “Hello Friday, let’s do this! #FridayMotivation”
  • “On Fridays, we wear pajamas all day and call it self-care. #SelfCareFriday”
  • “Friday nights are for making memories that you’ll laugh about all week. #MakingMemories”
  • “Warning: Unleashing a weekend full of good vibes and positive energy. Brace yourselves! 💃🎊 #PositiveVibesOnly”
FriYay in pink balloons on blue background

I hope these funny Friday jokes brought a smile to your face and made you giggle.

It is important to find joy in the little things, and what better way to kick off the weekend than with a good laugh? Whether you’re a parent, a coworker, or just someone looking for a dose of humor, Fridays are the perfect excuse let loose and laugh.

Remember, life’s too short not to enjoy a good joke on a Friday!

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