Easter Bunny Letter

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If you are on the lookout for simple yet magical ways to make your family Easter celebrations extra special, look no further than Easter Bunny Letters!

Kids always look forward to the sweet tradition of the Easter Bunny’s visit and a letter from the Easter Bunny can bring a sprinkle of joy to your kiddos’ Easter morning.

Ideas for Letter to Easter Bunny

You can purchase a ready made printable Easter Bunny Letter or you can write your own personalized one. If you decide to DIY your Easter Bunny Letter, here are some ideas of what to include.

Easter Bunny Letters Text

Greetings: Start your letter with a cheerful and fun greeting

  • Hi Easter Explorer
  • An Eggstra-Special Hello to You
  • Hi Friend
  • Hello, I am hopping back to wish you an Eggstra-special Easter

Excitement for Easter: Express the Easter Bunny’s excitement for the upcoming Easter celebration.

  • Easter is almost here, and I can’t wait to bring you lots of colorful surprises!
  • Get ready for an eggstra-special day filled with fun and laughter!
  • I’m so excited because Easter is just around the corner!

Compliments: Give a little compliment to the child to make them feel special.

  • I’ve heard you’ve been extra kind and helpful lately. That’s bunny-rrific!
  • I have been told you have been very good so I have left you some candy.

Mention of Easter Basket: Let them know about the special Easter basket you’ve prepared for them.

  • I’ve filled a basket with colorful eggs, treats, and surprises just for you.
  • Look out for the basket filled with treats that I’ll be leaving at your doorstep
Easter Bunny image with text

Encouragement: Encourage them to continue being good and kind.

  • Keep being amazing and spreading joy to others!
  • Keep spreading goodness where ever you go
  • Remember kindness is like a superpower and makes the world a better place
  • I hope to hear that next year you have been just as good and kind

Easter Egg Hunt : Hint at the possibility of an Easter egg hunt to make it more exciting.

  • Keep your eyes open for hidden surprises—I might have left some clues for an egg hunt!
  • Get your bunny nose ready to sniff out the Easter surprises! I have hidden treats, and it’s now time for an Easter Egg Hunt
  • I have left a trail of bunny tracks, leading to hidden treasures. Follow the tracks and find the eggs waiting just for you
  • Easter is about to get even more egg-citing! I have left you a fun Easter Egg Hunt
  • Easter is here, and I have a mission for you – to find the magical eggs hidden around your home! Are you up for the challenge?
  • Hippity-hoppity, it’s time for an Easter egg hunt!

Wishes for Easter: Wish them a happy Easter.

  • Wishing you a hoppy, happy, and eggstra-special Easter!
  • Hoping your Easter is egg-stra fun and egg-stra delightful
  • Sending bunny hugs and egg-citement your way for a hoppy Easter
  • Wishing you a basketful of joy, a bunch of giggles, and an eggstra-special Easter

Closing: Sign off with a playful closing

  • Bunny hugs and carrot kisses
  • Fluffy Hugs and Bunny Kisses
  • Hugs, Hops, and Happiness
  • Sprinkling you with Easter wishes and magic

Remember to keep the language simple and use words that the child can easily understand. Personalizing the letter with specific details about the child can also make it extra special.

Printable Easter Bunny Letter

Printable Easter Bunny Letter

Find the Printable Easter Bunny Letter here

Ways to use the Easter Bunny Letter

Incorporating an Easter Bunny Letter into your Easter traditions can make this time even more magical for children. Here are some creative ideas on how to use an Easter Bunny Letter:

Easter Basket Surprise

Slip the personalized Easter Bunny Letter into your child’s Easter basket for a magical surprise. Imagine the look on their face as they discover a special message from the Easter Bunny hidden in the chocolate eggs and treats.

Easter Egg Hunt Clue

Instead of placing the Easter Bunny Letter directly in the basket, use it as a clue for a Spring Easter egg hunt. Write a hint in the letter leading your child to the location of the first hidden egg. This adds an extra layer of excitement and adventure to the traditional egg hunt.

Easter Bunny Breakfast Note

Start Easter morning with a special breakfast note from the Easter Bunny. Place the letter next to their plate, and watch their eyes light up as they read the personalized message while enjoying their favorite morning treats.

Easter Bunny Pancakes

Bedtime Surprise

Sneak into your child’s room the night before Easter and leave the Easter Bunny Letter on their pillow. As they wake up on Easter morning, they’ll be greeted by a magical letter, setting the tone for a day filled with wonder.

Scavenger Hunt Experience

Create a mini scavenger hunt using the Easter Bunny Letter. Scatter clues around the house leading to different locations, and finally, let the last clue reveal the Easter Bunny Letter along with a small gift or a special Easter surprise.

Leave it in the Garden

If your family enjoys spending time in the garden, consider placing the Easter Bunny Letter in a special spot. Whether tucked in a flowerpot or hanging from a tree branch, finding the letter in the garden can make the experience even more enchanting.

Kids with easter baskets

Easter Dinner Table Setting

Place the Easter Bunny Letter at each child’s dinner setting for a cute surprise during the family meal. It can serve as a great conversation starter, and children can share their excitement about the Easter Bunny’s visit.

Easter Eve Storytime

Gather the family on Easter Eve for a special storytime session featuring the Easter Bunny Letter. Read the letter together and build anticipation for the upcoming visit from the Easter Bunny.

Easter Bunny Letter Reveal

Use the Easter Bunny Letter as the grand finale of your Easter celebrations. Gather the family, and either read the letter aloud or let each child read their personalized letter. It’s a wonderful way to conclude the day and reflect on the magic of Easter.

I hope these Easter Bunny letter ideas bring lots of joy and smiles to your family. As a mom, I know how special it is to create magical moments for our children, and sending a sweet letter from the Easter Bunny is a simple way to make Easter more magical.

Whether you choose to include compliments, hints about an egg hunt, or cute sign-offs, the most important thing is to have fun and share the love. Here’s to a Hoppy and Eggstra-special Easter celebration with your family!

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