Candy Cane Games

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Candy canes, those delicious striped treats, aren’t just for munching on during the holiday season. They can also be the star of the show in some super fun and sweet games!

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time at a holiday party or just want to have some sweet family fun, these candy cane games are perfect for you.

Jar of candy canes

Fun and Easy Candy Cane Games

Get ready to have a blast and indulge your sweet tooth with these simple and super fun festive games.

Candy Cane Treasure Hunt

Are you a fan of treasure hunts? Well, you’re in for a treat! A Candy Cane Hunt is a fun game where you hide candy canes around your house or yard, and then your friends or family try to find them.

Make it more exciting by setting a time limit or giving clues to help your fellow hunters.

Or turn this into a fun Candy Cane treasure hunt with clues to solve. Each rhyming clue will lead to the next and eventually to the ‘treasure’ at the end.

Candy Cane Relay Race

Gather your friends or family members for a Candy Cane Relay Race. Set up a course with different stations where participants have to complete various challenges.

At each station, after they complete the challenge, they need to balance a candy cane on their head and race to the next station without dropping it. It’s harder than it sounds, and it’s bound to bring out lots of laughter!

Candy Cane Hook and Loop

Challenge your hand-eye coordination with Candy Cane Hook and Loop. Tie a string to the end of a candy cane, and the player has to swing it to hook onto another candy cane hanging from above.

It’s like a sweet version of fishing! See how many candy canes you can hook and catch in a set time, and whoever hooks the most wins.

Candy Cane Tower Building

Put your engineering skills to the test with Candy Cane Tower Building. Grab a bunch of candy canes and a big pile of marshmallows.

Use the marshmallows as glue and connect the candy canes to build the tallest and most creative candy cane tower you can. Just be careful not to snack on your building materials!

Candy Canes and Marshmallows

Candy Cane Ring Toss

Set up a ring toss game using candy canes. You can create the target with things like pipe cleaners or a thin piece of wood.

Each player takes turns trying to toss the candy canes at the target. They can win points if the hook part of their candy cane lands around the target.

Candy Cane Art Contest

Get creative with a Candy Cane Art Contest. Provide various art supplies like markers, glitter, and colored paper.

Challenge participants to create the most festive and imaginative candy cane art. Once the time is up, have everyone showcase their masterpieces, and you can even have a friendly competition where people vote for their favorites.

Candy Cane Word Search

Create a Candy Cane Word Search puzzle using holiday-themed words and phrases. Give each player a copy and a few candy canes to snack on.

You can use words such as Peppermint, Stripes, Red, White, Christmas, Sweet, Festive, Minty, Stick and Cane

The goal is to find and circle as many words as possible before the time runs out. It’s a tasty way to challenge your word-finding skills!

Candy Cane Fishing

You might be wondering how to play the candy cane fishing game. Well it is quite easy.

First tie a candy cane to a piece of string. You can use a rod or even chopsticks as your fishing rod. Scatter some candy or other prizes on the floor, making a pretend fish pond.

Now, take turns using your special candy cane fishing rod to try and ‘fish’ for the prizes. Move the rod carefully and use the candy cane hook to catch the treats. See who can catch the most in a certain amount of time!

Candy Cane Bobbing

Give traditional apple bobbing a fun and festive twist by using candy canes! Fill a large basin or bucket with water and toss in a bunch of candy canes.

Players, with their hands behind their backs, take turns trying to grab a candy cane using only their mouths. This is a fun and easy to play game guaranteed to bring some laughs to your party.

Candy Cane Olympics

Get ready for a super fun Candy Cane Olympics! This is the perfect group candy cane game.

In this candy challenge, players will compete in different games using candy canes. Try games like Candy Cane Javelin (throwing candy canes into a target), or Candy Cane Relay Races.

Each game earns players points, and the one or team with the most points at the end is the Candy Cane Olympics champion!

Candy Cane Slide

Candy Cane Slide is a fun game where players use a candy cane and slide it along a piece of string or twine to the next player. The objective is to see how quickly they can pass the candy cane without dropping it.

Players take turns, and the goal is to get the candy cane all the way down the string without any mishaps.

Girl holding candy canes

Minute to Win it Candy Cane Games

Minute to Win It games are super fun to play during the festive Christmas season because they are easy to play and great for all ages.

These games are quick to set up and play and use minimal equipment. Candy canes are a big part of Christmas, they are affordable and add a yummy and fun twist to the games.

Candy Cane Pick-Up Sticks

Scatter a bunch of candy canes on a table or the floor. Holding a candy cane in their mouth, players have one minute to pick up as many candy canes as possible. They can only use the candy cane so no hands or any other tools.

Candy Cane Relay

Arrange a series of candy canes on a table or floor.In a relay format, players must use a candy cane to push a small object (e.g., a mini marshmallow) from one end of the table to the other, passing the candy cane to the next player to continue the relay.

Candy Cane Drop

For this game you will need to set up some chairs and tie a piece of tinsel between each chair. Then have each player stand on a chair holding a bunch of candy canes.

The object is to drop their candy cane and try to get it to hook onto the tinsel. Whoever gets the most candy canes to hang onto the tinsel is the winner

More Candy Cane Games

If you are looking for some more fun games to play with candy canes, this video has some great ideas.

Candy canes are not just for eating; they’re also for having loads of fun! These Candy Cane Games are perfect for creating sweet memories with friends and family during the Christmas season.

So, grab some candy canes, gather your loved ones, and let the fun begin!

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