Blue Themed Party

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Are you ready to make a splash with the coolest party in town? If you’re crazy about the color blue, we’ve got just the thing for you, a Blue-Themed Party! Get ready to dive into a sea of fun and make memories that will last a lifetime.

What Party can be Blue Themed?

A blue theme is so versatile and suitable for various types of parties. Perfect for a Winter party in December or January or even suits any time during the year. Here are some party ideas where a blue theme would work beautifully:

Blue party decorations

Birthday Parties for All Ages:

From a young child’s first birthday to a milestone celebration for a teenager or adult, a blue theme can be adapted to suit any age group. Consider adjusting the shades of blue and the decorations to match the birthday person’s preferences.

Baby Showers:

Embrace the calm and soothing nature of blue for a baby boy’s shower. You can use different shades of blue, combine them with white or silver accents, and incorporate cute baby-themed decorations like onesies, booties, or baby bottles.

Woman at blue boy baby shower

Ocean or Underwater Party:

Take your guests on an underwater adventure with an ocean-themed party. Incorporate various shades of blue to represent different depths of the ocean. Decorate with sea creatures, shells, and nautical elements for a splash of maritime magic.

Mermaid or Under the Sea Party:

Dive into a magical world with a mermaid or under the sea theme. Use shades of blue, teal, and aqua to create an enchanting underwater atmosphere. Mermaid tails, seashells, and ocean-inspired decor will make the party feel like an aquatic wonderland.

Blue themed under the sea decorations

Blue Graduation Party:

If your guest of honor is a fan of a sports team with blue as one of its colors, consider throwing a sports-themed graduation party. Incorporate team colors, jerseys, and sports-related decorations for a spirited celebration.

Blue and Silver for Elegance:

Elevate your celebration with a touch of elegance by combining blue with silver accents. This sophisticated color scheme works well for milestone birthdays, anniversaries, or even formal events.

Frozen or Winter Wonderland Party:

Channel the magic of the movie “Frozen” or create a winter wonderland with a blue-themed party. Incorporate icy blues, snowflakes, and shimmering decorations to transport your guests to a snowy paradise.

Blue winter decorations

Sports Fan Celebration:

Celebrate academic achievements with a blue-themed graduation party. Use the graduate’s school colors or opt for a classic royal blue and white combination. Decorate with graduation caps, diplomas, and other academic elements.

Blue Movie Night:

Create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere with a blue-themed movie night. Use shades of blue for decorations, provide blue snacks, and set up an outdoor or indoor movie screening for a laid-back and enjoyable gathering.

Summer Pool Party:

For a refreshing and fun summer celebration, host a blue-themed pool party. Use shades of blue for decorations, pool floats, and table settings. Serve blue tropical drinks and snacks for a cool and refreshing vibe.

Blue Party Food and Drinks

Keep the theme going with these fun blue colored party food and drinks.

Frozen Inspired Blue Trifle

How cute is this blue dessert? Super easy to make with only 4 ingredients, you can whip this up in no time.

Blue trifle

==> Find the recipe for this Icy Blue Dessert Trifle here

Blue Ocean Candies

Kick off the snacking with a bowl of ocean blue candy and gummies! These bite-sized morsels will add a burst of blue sweetness to the party. Set out bowls of blue M&Ms and look for gummy sharks, dolphins, and fish to create a playful underwater vibe.

Blue Lagoon Margaritas

Just for the adults, try these delicious blue lagoon margaritas. The addition of tequila makes these cocktails irrestible.

Blue Margarita

==> Find the recipe for this Blue Lagoon Margarita here

Blueberry Blast Popsicles

Cool down the little party-goers with homemade blueberry popsicles. Blend together blueberries, yogurt, and a touch of honey, then freeze the mixture in popsicle molds. It’s a refreshing and healthy treat that doubles as a cool-down solution for those active kiddos.

Blue Ocean Water

This cute blue drink is perfect for the kids. Made with coconut water, this drink is refreshing and tasty

Blue ocean water drink

==> Find the recipe for this Ocean Water drink here

Blue Raspberry Lemonade Slushies

Quench the thirst of your tiny guests with vibrant blue raspberry lemonade slushies. Blend together ice, blue raspberry lemonade, and a hint of lime for a slushy sensation that will have the kids coming back for more.

Cookie Monster Fudge

How cute is this easy to make cookie monster fudge! Just melt and mix together the ingredients and pop into the fridge to set.

Blue cookie monster fudge

==> Find the recipe for this Cookie Monster Fudge here

Blue Popcorn

Take popcorn to the next level with colorful blue popcorn. Pop your popcorn as usual and then add a few simple ingredients. This video will show you how.

Blue Jello Cups

Jiggle and giggle with blue Jello cups! Prepare blue Jello according to the package instructions and pour it into individual cups. Top with whipped cream or a dollop of blue-tinted yogurt for a dessert that’s as wobbly as it is wonderful.

Blue Party Games for Kids

Get ready to add a splash of excitement to your blue-themed party with these fun and engaging games for kids:

Underwater Treasure Hunt:

  • Materials:
    • Blue plastic balls (representing bubbles or ocean balls)
    • Large Plastic container or kiddie pool
    • Small toys or treasures
  • How to Play:
    1. Hide the small toys or treasures in the container and add the plastic balls on top.
    2. Provide each child with a small bucket or bag.
    3. Set a timer and let the kids dive into the “ocean” to find as many treasures as they can.

Blue Balloon Pop:

  • Materials:
    • Blue balloons
    • Small slips of paper
    • Pens
  • How to Play:
    1. Write different challenges or tasks on slips of paper (e.g., “Do a silly dance” or “Sing your favorite song”).
    2. Insert a slip into each balloon before inflating.
    3. Inflate the balloons and scatter them around the party area.
    4. Have the kids pop the balloons and complete the challenges inside.
Blue Balloons

Fishing for Prizes:

  • Materials:
    • Toy fishing rods
    • Blue paper or fabric for the “pond”
    • Small prizes (attach a paper fish with a paperclip to each)
  • How to Play:
    1. Set up the “pond” using blue paper or fabric.
    2. Attach small prizes to paper fish and place them in the “pond.”
    3. Kids take turns using the fishing rods to “catch” a prize.

Sea Creature Bean Bag Toss:

  • Materials:
    • Blue hula hoops or drawn circles
    • Bean bags
    • Pictures of sea creatures
  • How to Play:
    1. Place the hula hoops or drawn circles at varying distances.
    2. Assign point values to each hoop.
    3. Have the kids toss bean bags, aiming for the hoops labeled with different sea creatures. The highest total score wins.

Pass the Parcel

  • Materials:
    • Small prizes wrapped in blue paper
    • Music playlist
  • How to Play:
    1. Have everyone sit in a circle and pass the parcel around while the music plays
    2. When the music stops, the person holding the parcel can unwrap one layer
    3. Make this game more fun by including some pass the parcel dares and challenges in each layer
Present wrapped in blue paper

7. Blue Scavenger Hunt:

  • Materials:
    • Blue clues or pictures of items to find
    • Small blue prizes
  • How to Play:
    1. Hide blue clues or pictures of items around the party area.
    2. Each clue leads to the next until they find the final treasure, which could be a chest of small blue prizes.

8. Pin the Tail on the Whale:

  • Materials:
    • Large cutout of a whale
    • Blue tails with double-sided tape
  • How to Play:
    1. Blindfold the kids one by one.
    2. Spin them around and have them attempt to pin the tail onto the whale. The closest to the correct spot wins.

These blue-themed party games are sure to make a big splash and keep the kids entertained throughout the celebration

Blue Themed Party Games for Adults

Planning a blue-themed party for adults? Fantastic choice! Here are some entertaining games for adults that will add a touch of fun to your celebration:

1. Blue Trivia Challenge:

  • Materials:
    • Blue trivia cards or questions
    • Pens and paper for each player
  • How to Play:
    1. Create a list of trivia questions related to the color blue, famous blue things, or general knowledge with a blue twist.
    2. Divide participants into teams or have individuals answer the questions.
    3. The team or person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

2. Ocean Charades:

  • Materials:
    • Blue-themed charade cards
    • Timer
  • How to Play:
    1. Write down sea-related terms or blue objects on cards.
    2. Players take turns drawing a card and acting out the word without speaking.
    3. Teams or individuals guess the word within a set time. Award points for each correct guess.

3. Blue Mixology Challenge:

  • Materials:
    • Various blue-colored mixers and liquors
    • Ice, garnishes, and glassware
    • Recipe cards with blue cocktail ideas
  • How to Play:
    1. Set up a makeshift bar with different blue mixers and liquors.
    2. Provide recipe cards with instructions for creating blue cocktails.
    3. Participants can experiment, create, and name their blue concoctions. A panel or the group votes on the best-tasting and most creatively named drink.
Blue cocktail

4. Blue Pictionary Relay:

  • Materials:
    • Blue-themed Pictionary cards or words
    • Drawing materials (whiteboards, markers, or paper)
  • How to Play:
    1. Create a set of Pictionary cards with blue-related words or phrases.
    2. Divide participants into teams.
    3. Each team member takes turns drawing while their team guesses. The first team to guess the most words correctly wins.

5. Blue-Themed Costume Contest:

  • Materials:
    • Blue accessories, wigs, and clothing
    • Judges or voting cards
  • How to Play:
    1. Encourage guests to come dressed in their best blue-themed costumes.
    2. Have a costume parade, and let guests vote on the best costume.
    3. Award prizes for the most creative, funniest, and best overall costumes.

Easy DIY Blue Party Decorations

Let’s keep it simple and budget-friendly with these easy DIY blue-themed decorations. These ideas will add a pop of color to your party without breaking the bank:

Blue Balloon Garland:

  • Materials:
    • Blue balloons in various shades
    • String or fishing line
    • Command hooks or tape
  • Instructions:
    1. Blow up balloons in different shades of blue.
    2. Tie balloons onto a string or fishing line, leaving a little space between each.
    3. Hang the garland using Command hooks or tape along walls or above entryways.

Blue Mason Jar Lanterns:

  • Materials:
    • Mason jars
    • Blue acrylic paint
    • Tea lights or battery-operated candles
  • Instructions:
    1. Paint the inside of clean Mason jars with blue acrylic paint. Let them dry thoroughly.
    2. Place tea lights or battery-operated candles inside the jars.
    3. Arrange the jars on tables or string them up for hanging lanterns.

DIY Blue Table Runners:

  • Materials:
    • Blue fabric or wrapping paper
    • Double-sided tape or fabric glue
  • Instructions:
    1. Cut blue fabric or wrapping paper into strips to create table runners.
    2. Use double-sided tape or fabric glue to secure the strips to the table, creating a cohesive and colorful look.

Blue Paper Plate Backdrop:

  • Materials:
    • Blue paper plates
    • String
    • Glue or tape
  • Instructions:
    1. String blue paper plates onto a length of string.
    2. Hang the string of plates as a backdrop for a photo booth or behind the main party table.

Blue Tissue Paper Pom-Poms:

  • Materials:
    • Blue tissue paper
    • Scissors
    • Floral wire or string
  • Instructions:
    1. Stack several sheets of blue tissue paper.
    2. Accordion-fold the stack and secure the center with floral wire or string.
    3. Trim the ends into rounded or pointed shapes.
    4. Fan out the layers to create a pom-pom and hang them around the party area.

Blue Ribbon Chandelier:

  • Materials:
    • Blue ribbons in various shades
    • Embroidery hoop or wire wreath frame
    • Scissors
  • Instructions:
    1. Cut blue ribbons into varying lengths.
    2. Tie the ribbons onto the embroidery hoop or wire wreath frame until it’s covered.
    3. Hang the chandelier from the ceiling using a hook or ribbon.

Blue Candle Centerpieces:

  • Materials:
    • Blue pillar candles
    • Glass vases or candle holders
    • Blue decorative stones or beads
  • Instructions:
    1. Place blue pillar candles in glass vases or candle holders.
    2. Fill the bottom of the vases with blue decorative stones or beads.

Blue Paper Lanterns:

  • Materials:
    • Blue paper lanterns
    • String or fishing line
  • Instructions:
    1. Hang blue paper lanterns at varying heights using string or fishing line.
    2. Group them together to create an eye-catching display.

Blue-Tinted Mason Jars:

  • Materials:
    • Mason jars
    • Blue food coloring
    • Mod Podge
  • Instructions:
    1. Mix a few drops of blue food coloring with Mod Podge.
    2. Paint the mixture onto clean Mason jars.
    3. Allow them to dry for a beautiful blue-tinted effect.

Blue Streamer Backdrop:

  • Materials:
    • Blue streamers
    • Command hooks or tape
  • Instructions:
    1. Hang blue streamers vertically to create a simple and dynamic backdrop.
    2. Twist or braid the streamers for added texture.
blue streamers

We’ve sailed through tons of cool blue-themed ideas, from yummy snacks to easy decorations that’ll make your party shine like a bright blue gem.

With these simple and happy tips, your blue bash is sure to be a total hit. Have a super fun time, and may your celebration be as awesome and pretty as a clear blue day!

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