Best Area to Stay in Tokyo with Kids

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I have just returned back from an incredible week-long adventure in Tokyo with my family. WOW we have been super impressed with this amazing country, and I couldn’t wait to share our tips with you for a stress-free and kid-friendly stay in this bustling metropolis.

When I started planning our adventure, I was so overwhelmed trying to choose the perfect area to stay. Tokyo’s a big city, and there are just so many options available.

When researching Tokyo, many travel sites suggested families stay in the heart of Tokyo, in places such as Shinjuku. This is because these areas are central and buzzing with activity. But I knew this would not work for my family as it all seemed a bit too hectic for our week long stay.

So, after a lot of thinking and talking with the family, we settled on Asakusa, and we are all so happy we did! Trust me, this is the place to be if you want to make the most of your family vacation in Tokyo without compromising on comfort and convenience.

Asakusa skyline at night

Sure, Asakusa is a bit farther from the super busy spots, but trust me, the ease of the transportation options made it no big deal.

We had plenty of train stations nearby our accommodation and were only a quick 20-minute walk to Tokyo Skytree.

On one day, we hopped onto a bus from the Tokyo Skytree straight to Disneyland. Other days we walked a short 8 minutes to catch a subway to explore Tokyo – easy peasy!

How to Get to Asakusa from the Airport

One of the benefits of staying in Asakusa is that it is easy to reach from either Narita airport or Haneda airport.

Asakusa from Narita Airport

Narita airport is located quite far out of the city so you may be wondering how you can actually get to Asakusa with kids in tow.

We found the perfect solution – the Keisei Narita Skyaccess train. You can hop on this train from the airport and it will take you all the way to Asakusa station – without having to change trains!

This was also one of the reasons why we chose the Asakusa area. As after a long flight we did not want to have to deal with trying to navigate changing trains with all of our luggage to get to our hotel.

Once you’ve whizzed through customs and collected your baggage (seriously so organized, we made it through in record time), follow the signs to the airport’s train station. Most signs are in both Japanese and English, and there are also staff around who are happy to help.

Narita Airport has its own train station, so there’s no need to leave the airport building. Follow the signs down to the train level using either the elevators or escalators.

On the train level you can purchase a Welcome Suica card from the vending machines. You will need one card per person (including children) A child’s card can be used for kids up to age 12.

Welcome Suica Cards

On this recent trip, you could not purchase a standard Suica card as there is currently a shortage of the chips for these cards. So we used the red Welcome Suica card.

There really is no difference in actually using this card instead of the green standard Suica card but there are a couple of things to be aware of.

  • The Welcome Suica card has a 28 day validity, so for short trips this is no problem but if you will be staying longer you will need to use a different option.
  • You can not get a refund on unused credit. We did not find this a problem as we just topped up our cards every few days. There are machines at most train stations and they all have an English language option so topping up the cards is very easy.
  • If you do have any credit leftover at the end of your trip, you can spend it at the airport or at a 7-eleven and purchase some last minute snacks or souvenirs. We were able to use all 4 of our Welcome Suica cards at the 7-eleven at Narita airport. Each card had around 200 yen so we purchased a bunch of snacks and used the credit on each card plus some cash.

Asakua from Haneda Airport

If you are arriving into Haneda airport we would recommend getting the Airport Limousine Bus.

After you’ve breezed through the airport procedures and collected your bags, make your way to the arrival lobby. Look for the signs directing you to the Airport Limousine Bus stop.

Before you board, swing by the Airport Limousine Bus counter. You can purchase your tickets there but I would suggest buying your tickets online in advance to save any extra stress at the airport.

Why Asakusa is the Perfect Area for Families

Asakusa is such a hidden gem. It is easy to get to the main attractions but not right in the hustle and bustle of the main areas.

It has a perfect balance between traditional Japanese and modern convenience. There are lots of narrow winding streets lined with old-style shops and yet just around the corner, you’ll find yourself in a modern shopping mall with plenty of stores and restaurants.

We loved our stay here as it felt like a very safe area with lots to see and do. Here are a few of the Japan travel apps we recommend you download and use to help make your Japan holiday easier.

Asakusa Temple

Senso-ji Temple

Right at the heart of Asakusa is the iconic Senso-ji Temple. It is a bit like stepping back in time, in the coolest way possible.

The main gate, Kaminarimon, is this massive, impressive thing that makes you go “whoa” as you enter. And trust me, the kids love it – it’s like a scene out of their favorite adventure movie and very instagram worthy!

Sensoji Temple

Then make your way through the Nakamise Dori street lined with shops to reach the Sensoji temple. Around the temple you can draw a fortune by shaking one of the many metal boxes. The fun part is trying to match the symbol on the stick you have pulled from the box with the symbol on the drawers which hold the fortunes.

If you get a bad fortune, do not worry, simply tie it onto the strings and leave the bad fortune at the temple.

We also tried this cool thing where you waft some incense smoke towards you – they say it brings good health. It’s these little traditions that make the temple so special.

Nakamise Dori Street

Nakamise Dori Street filled with people

Now, here’s the real magic – Nakamise Dori Street. It’s this super cool street that leads you right to the temple, and it’s packed with shops! I mean, you can’t walk two steps without finding something interesting. Traditional snacks, cool trinkets, and even ninja gear – it’s a shopping wonderland for the whole family.

Strawberry Mochi

Oh, speaking of snacks, you’ve got to try the goodies on Nakamise Dori. We had these strawberry mochi treats filled with custard that were like a flavor explosion, and the kids went nuts for these fish shaped waffles called Taiyaki. We chose the custard filled Taiyaki but the most popular is filled with sweet red bean paste. So definitely try all the cool Japanese treats.

Taiyaki Japanese waffle

Now, I know kids love souvenirs. Well we all do! Nakamise Dori and the surrounding streets are the ultimate souvenir spot. From cute keychains to beautiful fans, there’s something for everyone.

We compared the prices of souvenirs in lots of different tourist spots around Tokyo and found that overall Asakusa has the most reasonably priced items. But be sure to look around at the different stalls before purchasing. This is because we saw some Japanese fans priced at 1,800 yen at the entrance to Nakamise Dori but we found a stand about half way down one of the streets off Nakamise Dori selling the same fans for 550 yen!

Japanese fan

Tokyo Skytree

Speaking of awe-inspiring, you can’t miss the Tokyo Skytree, the tallest structure in Japan. From its observation decks, you’ll get a breathtaking panoramic view of Tokyo.

We stayed just a short 20 minute stroll from the Tokyo Skytree and it was so magical seeing it lit up every night.

Also the Skytree station is where you can catch a bus that will take you all the way to Tokyo Disneyland making it so convenient and stress free.

Family Friendly Dining in Asakusa

There are so many options when it comes to meals in Asakusa. Here are a few of the places we tried. Most of these are chain family restaurants that were recommended to us as tasty and budget friendly options.

Kura Sushi

During our stay, one spot stole our hearts – Kura Sushi. This fun sushi train restaurant became our family’s favorite and we visited here a few times over our holiday.

Located right in the heart of Asakusa, Kura Sushi is super convenient. After a day of exploring Sensoji Temple and Nakamise Dori, it’s a fantastic spot to refuel with delicious sushi. The restaurant is on 4th floor of the Rox Shopping centre.

First up kids will love the fun of a sushi train. The conveyor belt sushi concept is like a mini food parade, and you can either grab your favorites as they pass by or order from the menu on the tablet on the table.

Sushi and fried prawns meal

Each table has a touchscreen where you can place orders for specific dishes. Once you have placed your order, it will arrive on the top conveyor belt. It is very easy to use and everyone will love watching the food whizz past.

If you are like me and not a fan of sushi, do not worry. Kura Sushi offers more than just sushi. Have a look at the Kura Sushi Menu to see all of their tasty treats. Their popcorn chicken is delicious especially when dipped into the soy sauces.

Kura Sushi Meal

We also tried their desserts which the kids loved. Fruit is expensive in Japan so when we saw a fresh mango on the menu we had to try it and it did not disappoint! The mango was perfectly ripe and so sweet.

One of the best things about Kura Sushi? The prices won’t break the bank, and the quality is great. Yes it is not the best sushi you can get in Japan but is so tasty and fresh we absolutely loved it.

So you can keep ordering plates of tasty bites without worrying too much about the bill.

Kura Sushi Meal

After you have eaten, you can put your empty plates through the slot on the table. For every 5 plates you get a chance to win a capsule toy. Simple pop in the plates and watch the screen to see if you win.

So, if you’re on the hunt for family-friendly dining in Asakusa, give Kura Sushi a try.


I’ve got another gem for you in Asakusa and that is Saizeriya, the Italian family restaurant. This is another chain restaurant and we really enjoyed our Italian inspired meal here.

Saizeriya Restaurant Japan

Saizeriya is a good place for a relaxed family meal. It’s not fancy, but we found the food here tasty. We ate here for lunch and the portion size was perfect, although would be a bit small for dinner.

Saizeriya is super budget-friendly, making it a perfect spot for families. When you want a break from sushi, rice and noodles, you can enjoy an Italian meal without burning a hole in your pocket. From pasta to pizza, the Saizeriya menu has something for everyone.

Saizeriya Menu

We had the Pizza, Doria (which is rice topped with a meat sauce and white sauce and cheese on top), and grilled lamb with vegetables.

Saizeriya Meals

As a bonus, Saizeriya offers a bottomless soft drinks and juice bar. So you can help yourself to drinks as often as you want to.

No meal is complete without a sweet treat, right? We tried the Italian Gelato and it was delicious.

Chocolate Gelato

So I would recommend this restaurant for a reasonably priced lunch meal. Don’t expect it to be fancy but it is a nice restaurant to sit down a relax with some tasty food.

Yoroiya Ramen

We found this little ramen spot called Yoroiya Ramen in Asakusa, and it was super nice. It’s a tiny place with only about 8 seats, and it felt really traditional.

Yoroiya Restaurant Asakusa

This place is popular so there is almost always a line to get in but don’t worry the line moves quite quickly. This is not a place where you have a leisurely meal, it is more of a get in, eat and leave type place but totally worth the wait.

While you are waiting in line, you will be given a menu so you can choose your ramen before you go in. Then just pay at the counter before you sit down.

When we walked into Yoroiya Ramen, it felt like we discovered a secret place. It’s small, but in a good way, with wooden stuff everywhere that makes it feel traditional and cozy.

Yoroiya Japanese Restaurant

Now, let’s talk about the best part – the ramen! Yoroiya Ramen makes ramen the old-fashioned way. You could smell the tasty soup, and seeing the noodles being made was so cool.

I chose the Vegan ramen and it came out topped with vegetables and grilled tofu. We also had the pork dipping noodles and traditional pork ramen.

Yoroiya Dipping Noodles

Yoroiya Dipping Noodles

This restaurant is close to Sensoji temple so makes the perfect place to eat after viewing the temple. I would suggest going outside of the peak lunch or dinner hours so you will not have to wait too long in the queue.

Where to Stay in Asakusa

We found a cute apartment style place to stay in a quiet street. We were only a short walk away from a 7-eleven convenience store, 20 mins walk to the Tokyo SkyTree and 10 minutes walk to Sensoji Temple. So we thought our location was perfect.

If you need help deciding what to pack for your vacation, be sure to check out our Packing tips for International travel guide.

Prism Inn Komagata, Asakusa

The owner will send you detailed instructions including photos of how to get to the accommodation from the train station. And the door is opened with a code so you do not have to worry about collecting a key.

There are 2 bedrooms, a small kitchen with microwave, sink and fridge, a couch (which folds out into a bed), a toilet with the all the fancy buttons, a washing machine, a bath and a good sized shower with towels, shampoo, conditioner and body wash all provided. There is actually no separate shower, once you close the bathroom door the whole room becomes the shower.

Prism Inn Hotel in Asakusa photos of bedroom, bathroom and kitchen

Prism Inn Komagata – please excuse the messy room, I quickly snapped this as we were leaving!

We found the space to be adequate for us and could just fit our suitcases at the end of the beds. What was great was the washing machine. I was initially worried because there was no dryer but we just washed our clothes and hung them on hangers on racks in the bedrooms. Each room has a heat pump so our clothes were dry overnight.

The beds were comfortable and the place was spotlessly clean. We did pick up a pocket Wifi from the airport when we arrived, but this accommodation does provide free Wifi.

We were on the 5th floor and had a fantastic view of the Tokyo Skytree from one of the bedroom windows.

In the end, Asakusa was like the perfect place for my family in Japan. It’s in the middle of Tokyo but feels calm and cozy. We found so much fun at Sensoji Temple and Nakamise Street.

The easy ways to get around made our trip even better. But what made Asakusa truly great was the friendly people. They made us feel at home, turning our time there into special memories.

I hope this has inspired you to look at staying in the Asakusa area when you visit Japan.

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