Baby Shower Charades

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If you’re looking to add an extra dash of fun to your baby shower, why not try a classic game that never fails to bring smiles to faces? Baby Shower Charades is a hilarious and entertaining game that will have your guests guessing and giggling in no time!

It is perfect for groups of all ages which makes it ideal for a baby shower.

How to Play Baby Shower Charades

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The Setup

Before the laughter begins, make sure you’ve got everything you need. Gather your friends and family, and set up a designated area for the game. All you need are some slips of paper, pens, a bowl, and a touch of creativity.

Creating the Charades

Get everyone involved by asking guests to write down baby-related words, phrases, or actions on individual slips of paper. Encourage them to think outside the box – from diaper changing antics to lullaby-singing, to pink or blue, the possibilities are endless! Once the slips are ready, fold them and place them in a bowl, ready for the big reveal.

The Rules

Explain the rules to your excited group. Keep it simple! Divide the guests into two teams, and take turns drawing a slip from the bowl. Without speaking or making any sounds, the player must act out the word or phrase on the slip while their team tries to guess within a time limit. Hilarity is sure to ensue as everyone attempts to decipher the baby-themed antics.

Baby Shower Charades Ideas

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To help get the party started, here are some Baby Shower related charades words and phrases.

  • Diaper Changing
  • Feeding Baby a Bottle
  • Rocking a Crying Baby
  • Baby’s First Steps
  • Sleep-Deprived Parent
  • Peek-a-Boo
  • Triplets
  • Putting together a crib
  • Baby Elephant
  • Giving baby a bath
  • Warming up a bottle
  • Searching for a pacifier
  • Swaddle baby
  • Newborn Yawning
  • Baby’s First Smile
  • Teddy Bear Hug
  • Baby Crawling
  • Twins
  • Pumping milk
  • Morning sickness
  • Taking photos of baby
  • Reading baby a book
  • Burping a baby
  • Baby’s 1st birthday
  • Installing a car seat
  • Giving birth
  • Pushing a stroller
  • Pregnancy cravings
  • Christening
  • Folding a stroller
  • Labor Pains
  • Dressing baby

Nursery Rhyme Charades

Another fun idea is to theme your baby shower charades game with nursery rhymes. Here are some action ideas. See who can guess correctly!

  1. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star:
    • Action 1: Mimic twinkling stars by using your fingers to sparkle in the air.
    • Action 2: Pretend to sleep and make a motion like a shooting star.
  2. Humpty Dumpty:
    • Action 1: Pretend to sit on a wall, balancing precariously.
    • Action 2: Mimic falling off the wall and then try to put yourself back together.
  3. Row, Row, Row Your Boat:
    • Action 1: Pretend to row a boat with imaginary oars.
    • Action 2: Act out the part where you gently glide down the stream.
  4. The Itsy Bitsy Spider:
    • Action 1: Pretend to climb up a water spout with your fingers.
    • Action 2: Make rain gestures with your hands and then wash the spider out.
  5. Five Little Ducks:
    • Action 1: Hold up five fingers to represent the ducks.
    • Action 2: Use your fingers to “waddle” away one by one as the ducks disappear.
  6. Old MacDonald Had a Farm:
    • Action 1: Pretend to milk a cow.
    • Action 2: Act like different animals on the farm (e.g., moo like a cow, oink like a pig).
  7. Mary Had a Little Lamb:
    • Action 1: Pretend to carry a lamb in your arms or feed a lamb a bottle.
    • Action 2: Act out the part where the lamb follows Mary to school.
  8. Jack and Jill:
    • Action 1: Pretend to climb up a hill.
    • Action 2: Mimic falling down and then use your hands to represent fetching water.
  9. Ring a Ring o’ Roses:
    • Action 1: Pretend to hold hands, moving in a circular motion.
    • Action 2: Fall to the floor.
  10. Hickory Dickory Dock:
    • Action 1: Pretend to climb a giant clock using your fingers.
    • Action 2: Act out the mouse running down and signaling the clock striking one.

Lullaby Charade Ideas

  1. Rock-a-bye Baby:
    • Action 1: Pretend to cradle a baby in your arms and gently rock back and forth.
    • Action 2: Motion falling asleep and gently lowering the baby into a “cradle.”
  2. Hush, Little Baby:
    • Action 1: Put your index finger to your lips, signaling “shhh.”
    • Action 2: Pretend to rock a baby
  3. Brahms’ Lullaby (Lullaby and Goodnight):
    • Action 1: Mime the act of putting a baby to sleep.
    • Action 2: Pretend to tuck in a baby with a blanket.
  4. You Are My Sunshine:
    • Action 1: Form a circle with your hands, resembling a sun.
    • Action 2: Point to someone, point to yourself and point to the sun
  5. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star:
    • Action 1: Make twinkling motions with your fingers.
    • Action 2: Gaze up at an imaginary sky.

Baby Shower Game Prize Ideas

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So you might be wondering if you need to award prizes. While it is not necessary to give out prizes, awarding prizes can add an extra element of excitement and friendly competition to your baby shower party games.

Here are some simple prize ideas that are sure to bring smiles to the winners’ faces:

  1. Scented Candles: Relaxing and soothing scented candles can provide a calming atmosphere.
  2. Gourmet Chocolates or candy: A box of delicious chocolates or candy is always a sweet and appreciated treat.
  3. Mini Potted Plants: Miniature succulents make for a lovely and symbolic gift.
  4. Keychains: Cute keychains with a pastel color or customized to match your baby shower theme
  5. Photo Frames: A stylish photo frame that the winners can use to display a cherished memory.
  6. Gift Cards: Small gift cards to popular coffee shops, bookstores, or local stores.
  7. Soothing Bath Salts: A jar of relaxing bath salts for some well-deserved self-care.
  8. Bookmarks: Cute and themed bookmarks for those who enjoy a good read.
  9. Mug with Hot Cocoa Mix: A cozy mug paired with hot cocoa mix
  10. Reusable Shopping Bags: Stylish and eco-friendly bags for a touch of practicality.
  11. Cute Hand Towels: Soft and charming hand towels.
  12. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle: Encourage hydration with a trendy water bottle that includes a fruit infuser.

Remember, the goal is to keep the prizes simple, enjoyable, and in line with the baby shower theme. These small tokens of appreciation can make your guests feel special and contribute to the overall joy of the celebration.

Baby Shower Charades is a fantastic way to bring laughter to your special celebration. Whether you’re a seasoned charades pro or a first-timer, this game is easy to play and sure to bring fun and entertainment to your baby shower.

So, gather your loved ones, put on your best acting face, and get ready for an afternoon filled with laughter and baby-themed charades fun!

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